Morning Coffee – May 23

  Bullets Forever Tier 1: Chris Bosh (16 million through 2010) Notes: Toronto is Chris Bosh and a bunch of guys I don’t want.  Bosh has the highest value of anyone on this list.  He’s the only guy I’d trade McGee for and the only guy I’d consider giving up one of the Big 3… Read more »


What we know about the draft (and then all the speculation)

No chance DeRozan will be around at #9 My first thought upon hearing that the Raptors would be drafting #9 was happiness.  I didn’t want the number one pick this year.  Blake Griffin may end up being a stud, but the last thing the Raptors need is another guy who wants to play power forward…. Read more »


Morning Coffee – May 22

T.O. Sports I understand that when Colangelo first came to Toronto he was considered to be the messiah. But lets face it this messiah we know as Bryan Colangelo has never won a championship and has never led the Raptors past the first round in the playoffs, so I think it’s time we start raising… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Morning Coffee – May 21

Toronto Star "You can’t have too many voices," Triano said yesterday. "We need to challenge each other, yes; but we all have to have the same basic philosophies or it won’t work." With NBA-wide speculation rampant that Triano will eventually hire former Memphis head coach Marc Iavaroni as his lead assistant, no one connected with… Read more »


Ninth ain’t bad, almost good

The draft lottery only f****d one team and we weren’t it, that’s good enough reason to feel content this morning. Watching the lottery last night I can’t imagine why NBA GMs and coaches actually make the trek over the swamplands to attend this morbid event. I mean, Colangelo, Saunders, Bird, Gentry, what are those guys… Read more »

Carl Landry

Linkage for May 14 5pm to May 20 7am

Linkage for May 14 5pm through May 20 7am: DraftExpress: Post-Lottery Analysis: The Implications Selecting at No. 9 just fine for Raptors GM | Toronto Sun TheStar.com | Sports | Raps’ Colangelo has no complaints after lottery Raptors land ninth pick in NBA draft


Live Blogging the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery

As it stands now, the Top 3 looks like: Sacramento Washington LA Clippers I’m predicting Sacramento gets screwed, and the Knicks win the Lottery – taking take home Blake Griffin, stay tuned… BC representing, let’s hope he brings some luck (last time we got the #1 pick) Joel Litvin shouldn’t be allowed in front of… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Morning Coffee – May 19

Canadian Press "Picking on position alone is dangerous because you might be passing up a better talent that’s available," Colangelo said. "What you hope to find is a player that satisfies both talent and need." The Raptors GM hasn’t been shy about making moves on draft day, and could do the same this year. "After… Read more »


Raptors NBA draft lottery history

The math says lightning ain’t gonna strike twice. The draft lottery is tomorrow and before we start dreaming of Blake Griffin and Ricky Rubio, it’s better to look at the current reality and our history in this “competition” and be humbled by the results. We have a 1.7% chance of winning the lottery, a 2.0%… Read more »


Rogers reaches deal with TSN2

Finally, it happened. Raptor fans missing half the season wasn’t a good enough reason but the Blue Jays vs Red Sox series was. It tells you how far Rogers is willing to go to promote their own product and also serves as a reminder of how MLSE did nothing to speed up the process of… Read more »