Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

AltRaps 3pt Shot


1) The ghost of James Naismith visits you and grants you the ability to “fix” one thing about the Raptors, but only one. What do you fix? 2) Give us your top 3 favourite Raptors bench players of all time. The guys you’d hear are checking in and you got pumped up about. 3) Chris… Read more »


Linkage for Jun 10 5pm to Jun 13 9pm


Linkage for Jun 10 5pm through Jun 13 9pm: NetsDaily Blog » Archive » NetsDaily Off-Season Report #9 – Humphries for Dooling = Nonsense Somehow in the past week that morphed into a rumor up North and then down here that the Nets and Raptors had a handshake deal on a Draft Day trade that… Read more »