Linkage for Jun 14 8am to Jun 16 6pm

Linkage for Jun 14 8am through Jun 16 6pm:

  • Entripy Loves the Toronto Raptors! | Entripy Blog Jas was offered 2 tickets beside the player’s bench a few months ago and he wanted to take ME? Me as in his wife Shelli…the one who isn’t really into sports! I told him it would be a waste of a ticket and he should take someone who would enjoy the experience and savour every moment of it. He wouldn’t take anyone else but me and he said if I didn’t go, then he wasn’t going. I thought that was totally, absolutely absurd!!! But I agreed to go since I know how much he loves the Raptors.
  • DeMar DeRozan: Remember The Name | Bleacher Report If DeRozan falls out of the top five, someone should be fired. If he falls past Toronto at nine, I'll personally start a riot on the streets.

    Reports are out that if he's on the board, the Raptors have assured him that they'll select him. I won't be getting my hopes up because I can't for the life of me imagine how eight teams could pass on him. Thankfully, if reports are correct, Toronto won't be one of them.

  • New Jersey Nets: The James Johnson-Earl Clark tete-a-tete – 9. Toronto — They've seen Lawson and Holiday, but Smitty thinks they like Flynn. Maybe that changes after a few of the top dogs visit them (DeRozan on Wednesday). Henderson came in Tuesday.
  • NBA Free Agent Destinations: Hedo Turkoglu | Bleacher Report Toronto Raptors

    With Shawn Marion undoubtedly bolting, the Raptors will be on the look-out for an upgrade at small forward.

    Turkoglu would give the Raptors the outside shooting they no longer have after parting with Jason Kapono, while giving them an extra guy outside of Jose Calderon that can take care of the ball and make things happen on offense.

    Turkoglu could be the final piece of a serious playoff contending team in Canada. I'll bet you never thought you'd hear that outside of the NHL.

  • Reggie Evans – The FAN 590 Toronto – Audio on Demand
  • 2009 Extended Mock 2.0 | – Raptors take Henderson Gerald Henderson Toronto has Derozan coming in for a workout on Tuesday. Apparently he is attending the workout but not thrilled with the idea of playing across the border. The Raptors may be forced to look for someone who is, and Henderson might be the guy for them.
  • Henderson thinks draft stocks are mythical; DeRozan, Evans, Hill could still visit Toronto – Posted Sports This workout might have been the last group workout that the Raptors host before next Thursday's draft, but that does not mean that prospects are done with Toronto. It is possible the Southern California swingman DeMar DeRozan will be on Wednesday — but for an individual workout instead of going up against his peers.

    Memphis guard Tyreke Evans and Arizona power forward Jordan Hill could do the same early next week.

    One name familiar to Raptors fans will definitely not be in Toronto, however. Davidson guard Stephen Curry, the son of former Raptor Dell Curry, is not planning to work out for the Raptors.

  • The Top Five Free Agents The Toronto Raptors Should Target | Bleacher Report The Raptors have already begun with the roster overhaul in trading three point specialist Jason Kapono to the Philadephia 76ers for journeyman big man Reggie Evans. Evans provides much needed toughness and rebounding to a very soft Raptors team.

    The draft is in roughly one week (June 25th @ 8 p.m.), and the Raptors will continue to re-tool and find another potential all-star via the NBA Draft.

    But with that said, most teams try to add or improve their roster by Free Agent pickups.

    Here is a concise list of five players who the Raptors should look into signing. All of them can serve a purpose with the team.

  • Why the Raptors Will Still Get Good Value If Bosh Leaves | Bleacher Report You may not believe me, but the Vince Carter and Pau Gasol trades were horrible decisions by sometimes suspect GM's. The values they returned are not the going rate for borderline superstar players.

    Especially Chris Wallace, who not only single-handedly brought the Lakers back to prominence, but also gave the Magic the PG they desperately needed for their run to the finals after Nelson went down.

    Bryan Colangelo, on the other hand, is respected, something that always has a positive effect during negotiations, and has proven to be a sly trader in a similar situation. When Joe Johnson wanted to leave Phoenix, he got excellent value in Boris Diaw and two future picks.

  • SLAM ONLINE | » The Gifted One – DeMar Derozan
  • Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs: Chris Bosh: There is no link to Miami Heat "As of right now, I'm not sure. I like Miami, don't get me wrong. But I don't know what comes along with being a part of that organization. I don't even have any friends in Miami, which was the funniest part. A close friend of mine hit me yesterday and was like 'Hey there’s another article out' and I was like 'What now?' 'Apparently a friend in Miami said you're going to Miami.' He sent me the article and I read it, and I'm like, 'now they’re just making stuff up.' "
  • Doug Smith’s Toronto Raptors blog – Reggie’s in town… Oh yeah, Reggie Evans is in town today for some formalities like a physical and to chat with us. It’ll be nice to see what his take is on his new team.

    I know Phil in Philadelphia talked to him briefly last week and Evans understands it’s a business and that trades happen but there wasn’t much Toronto-specific content, that’s what we’ll be looking for.

  • Pre-Draft Workouts for Tuesday, June 16, 2009 – Switching to this morning’s workouts, from the Raptors’ media crew here are the scheduled attendees:

    -Toney Douglas, Guard, Florida State.

    -Gerald Henderson Jr, Guard, Duke.

    -BJ Mullens, Center, Ohio State.

    -Jerel McNeal, Guard, Marquette.

    -Aron Baynes, Center, Washington State

    -Greg Gamble, Guard, Buffalo

    The first thing that jumps out is “no Evans or DeRozan.”

    Does this mean then that either will be attending this morning but not working out?

    There was no mention of it from the Raptors’ crew so I’m guessing unless Toronto schedules one more session later this week or very early next, neither will be coming to see the Raps pre-draft.

  • NBA Mock Draft « Cippin on Sports 9. Toronto Raptors- DeMar DeRozan, SG, USC
    The Raptors get lucky here with DeRozan slipping all the way to 9. DeRozan got off to a slow start last year at USC but turned it on once conference play started and showed why he was one of the top recruits in the nation. DeRozan has tremendous athletic ability and has the potential to be an All Star in the league. With Shawn Marion and Anthony Parker headed for free agency DeRozan would fill a big need for the Raptors and play right away.
  • Intoxicating mock draft « Wildcat Notion 9. Toronto Raptors – OK this is tough because it is in Canada. Nothing against Canada, but I can barely believe it’s actually an NBA team. DeJuan Blair. I mean, OK I don’t want to send a good kid to cold, blustery Canada, but they get the pick and he’s a star. Like Betelguese.
  • Pre Draft Analysis Part I « Welcome to the No Bias Zone! They also have free agents this year in Anthony Parker and Shawn Marion. It is unlikely they will resign both, and possible neither. Look for the Raptors to be active in the free agent market this year, whether they trade Bosh or try to put a better team on the floor to lure him to stay. The contract of Carlos Delfino can be a valuable trading piece. The team has already been active in the trading market by sending Jason Kapono to Philadelphia for Reggie Evans to save cap space. They could take a look at solid shooting guards in Ben Gordon or Nate Robinson. Sources have them selection a wing player such as DeMar DeRozan out of USC or Gerald Henderson from Duke.
  • Chris Bosh interested in joining Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade punks unsuspecting teens(video) – Peninsula is Mightier The first part of that is the interesting part…that Colangelo is in fact looking to un-load Bosh while he still has value to the Raptors. No surprise, but it's nice to see it out in the open. The part about the Heat trading Beasley seems silly to me, but I'm not Pat Riley. It all depends on how badly Riley wants Bosh…but considering the ceiling on Beasley and the plethora of free agents coming up next summer, trading Beas for Bosh just doesn't make sense for me.
  • LeBron Needs Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Bosh to Win It All Next Year | Bleacher Report For the Cavs to have any chance to retain LeBron on their long-term roster, they must win it all during the 2009-2010 season.

    Toronto, on the other hand, is left with their hands tied behind their backs. Canada has never been the premier location for a rising NBA star. This was true with the departure of Damon Stoudamire, Tracy McGrady, and Vince Carter.

    In 2010, Bosh is expected to leave the Raptors. And if so, what will they receive in return?


  • Niagara Gazette – BASKETBALL: UB’s Gamble to work out for Raptors Recent University at Buffalo graduate Greg Gamble has been invited to work out today for the Toronto Raptors, the Bulls announced Monday.

    It’s unlikely the Raptors will select Gamble in the two-round NBA draft on June 25, but Gamble could show enough to earn a training camp invitation.

  • Pops Mensah-Bonsu wants to laugh his way to London 2012 glory – Mensah-Bonsu has blossomed following his move in March to Toronto, where he is set to pen a new deal when his contract runs out this summer.

    And he insists he can make a huge contribution to the GB team. He added: "I am an aggressive, intense and energetic guy on the court but off the court I am not. I just try to make everyone smile and having a positive atmosphere always helps the team.

  • 2009 NBA Mock Draft 9. Toronto Raptors – Gerald Henderson (6'4" 215, Guard) Junior, Duke
    Analysis: Toronto needs to get more athletic and Gerald Henderson will certainly help. Unlike some of the players projected ahead of Henderson, he should be able to come in and contribute immediately. Henderson’s athleticism has never been questioned, but his shot selection and perimeter shot were. He improved in both areas this season at Duke.
  • PBN | Forward thinking One team said to be particularly interested in Turkoglu is Toronto, although that's 100 percent speculation at this point. It does make sense, though. The Raptors may be looking to move All-Star forward Chris Bosh, whose contract expires at the end of next season. When it does, Bosh is expected to look elsewhere for employment.

    Obviously, trading Bosh before the start of next season would free up tons of room under the salary cap and cause the Raptors considerably less anxiety. But that doesn't mean it will happen.

  • In Which I Attempt To Look Knowledgeable | 9. Toronto Raptors — Jonny Flynn: If Curry goes before #8, Flynn will be the Knicks’ pick, but if he falls past them, the Raptors will be glad to have him. He’ll start backing up Jose Calderon and could have the starting position by the All-Star break.
  • NBA Offseason 2009: Mock Draft 1-10 | Sportable 9. Toronto Raptors – Brandon Jennings, Lottomatica Roma. Jennings has been in the headlines plenty in the last year, from skipping out on Arizona to hone his game in Europe to criticizing Ricky Rubio on his Twitter. Jennings can back up point guard Jose Calderon, whose injury derailed an otherwise promising season for the Raptors. Some players balk at playing north of the border, but Jennings’ willingness to Europe indicates that he’ll have no problem with the move.
  • Guards aplenty, where will they fall? NBA Draft Preview Part 2 « Swamigp’s Sports Blog 9. Toronto Raptors: Gerald Henderson Jr.- Plenty of stellar point guards are on the board, but the Raptors, with Jose Calderon, the Raptors don’t need one. Henderson, an aggressive and intelligent scorer out of Duke, has the potential to made an immediate impact on the offensive and defensive end, and give the Raptors the scoring they lost by trading sharp-shooter Jason Kapono.
  • | Raptors keeping options open ahead of weak draft With Shawn Marion, Anthony Parker and Joey Graham as unrestricted free agents, and Carlos Delfino in the mix as a restricted free agent the Raptors have spoken about bringing back, that leaves a dearth of shooting guards and small forwards.

    It would seem obvious the No.9 pick would have to play one of those positions, but general manager Bryan Colangelo could have a few transactions bubbling just below the surface that could change things.

    "We are active … if we make another trade, maybe we don't need this position, maybe we need something else," said Kelly. "I think you have to be a little flexible there because we're actively trying to improve in a couple of different areas."

    The wild cards in the selection process, at the moment at least, would be the Washington Wizards, who now have the fifth selection.

  • Bulls Gamble to Visit Raptors | Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris will get their shots in the NBA. Their old Niagara Falls HS teammate Greg Gamble is getting his shot with the Toronto Raptors. The U.B. Bulls guard has been invited to work out for the Raptors on Tuesday in Toronto. A successful session could lead to a training camp invitation.

    Gamble was an All-MAC performer for the Bulls in 2009. After shifting to point guard, he averaged nearly 9 points per game and almost 4 assists per game. His assist total of 127 ranked second in the MAC.

  • Birth of A Nation | Jurassic Hoops Things should really get cooking here in the next couple of weeks after the Lakers’ championship celebrations subside. In the meantime, here are some beliefs from Jurassic Hoops:

    1. Bryan Colangelo knows what he’s doing, but the clock is ticking.
    2. The Raptors need someone to step up and bring the Oakley. Either that or we actually need to have B.C. go out and sign Charles Oakley himself.
    3. It’s no longer relevant or useful to boo Tracy McGrady.
    4. I don’t encourage booing Vince Carter anymore, but it can be tolerated. For the most part Whince’s entire existence is so pathetic that booing him only signifies that he was once worth cheering.
    5. Jay Triano is the right man for the head coaching job until he proves otherwise.

  • Phoenix Suns look for basketball value in potential Shaquille O’Neal trade – ESPN – Would Cavs give up cap flexibility or wait and go after Bosh? O'Neal is hardly in position to make such demands, and neither James nor the Cavs are likely to make him any promises. The Cavaliers could be in position to have a significant amount of cap space to pursue free agents such as Chris Bosh in 2010 and they are not going to give that up for O'Neal.
  • Chris Bosh Ready for Breakout Season | Bleacher Report Perhaps the true motivation is having to hear from numerous individuals that he isn't worth the maximum contract he's looking for, or that he'll only serve the purpose of being Robin to LeBron's or Wade's Batman should he leave Toronto.

    One has to wonder if Bosh only gave the Raptors the same defensive effort he gave to his national team, if they'd have been a lottery team through four of his six seasons as a Raptor.

    The latest talk of Bosh attempting to gain almost 20 pounds is bittersweet if you're Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors organization. On one hand, your best player has finally decided to put some much overdue time in the gym.

    On the other hand, he's doing so on the verge of what is likely to be the biggest payday of his life.

  • Jawai’s future starts now "I want to be there where I get the opportunity to play a full 20 minutes or 10 minutes, even five minutes, I want a straight five minutes," he said.

    "But I have a lot of work in front of me, I’m not ashamed to tell you that.

    "I need to develop some more."

    The hectic NBA schedule means there is little time for full-court scrimmaging during the season and Jawai believes he will be much better with a full pre-season under his belt.

    "Give me a good pre-season, I believe in myself," he said.

    "If I can’t make it there, I’ll always come back here, or go back and try to make it (in the US) again.

    "That doesn’t mean definitely I’ll get another contract, but we’ll see.

    "Aaron (Taipans coach Aaron Fearne) said to me I haven’t made it until I sign my second contract.

    "I may be in the NBA now but I haven’t made it, that’s my attitude right now."

  • Dino Nation Blog: Welcome To The Most Important Off-Season In Raptor History? There always seems to be this feeling that Raptors are more appealing for euro based players. In part that might be because of Maurizio Gherardini his reputation in Europe is huge with players and he is highly respected. I still do not think that Hedo for the price it would take is going to be a right fit. The Raptors just unloaded Jason Kapono who from the day the ink dried on his contract he could never live up to the number that was on it. Sad to say that I think Hedo would become a victim of that same thing.
  • Lakers’ toughest foe in ’09 needs to swing for the fences in 2010 Ron Artest's return would be critical. Any deals the Rockets make should not include Shane Battier.

    We would also hate to see Luis Scoloa go, but he is likely their most tradeable asset, along with Carl Landry and Aaron Brooks.

    Some high-profile players should be available — most notably Toronto's Chris Bosh, who will be a major asset for some team. The Raptors are unlikely to be able to re-sign Bosh, so expect them to move him for a package of younger players.

    We have been on the Bosh bandwagon for quite some time, but he would give the Rockets length and an additional inside presence, one who could slide in and replace Yao when he is injured. If Scola had to be included in that deal, so be it.

    You would like to see the Rockets add more, though, even with a Bosh move. A lights-out scorer on the wing to replace McGrady would be ideal. A Danny Granger/Rip Hamilton type would make a huge difference in Rick Adelman's offense.

  • SBNation NBA Mock Draft, Pick #9: TorontoRaptors – Ridiculous Upside With the ninth pick in the 2009 NBA draft, the Toronto Raptors select Demar DeRozan. Honestly, if this happens, I'm fairly certain Bryan Colangelo –for once in his life– will be unable to contain his joy, losing the suave sophistication he wears so well while fist pumping the air and giving thanks to the basketball Gods for giving him a break. A b-i-i-i-i-i-g break. In other words, I'm almost positive that DeRozan will be long gone, but this is how the mock draft we have in front of us has shaken out.

    At the end of the Raptors disappointing season, it was clear that an explosive scorer at the wing position was needed. All year long, I'd made the case that the Raptors needed a player like Trevor Ariza. A slasher who could get to the rim while also being a long and lanky defender. Enter DeRozan, is there another player in this draft who fits the bill like he does?

  • Doug Smith’s Toronto Raptors blog Bryan and The Henchmen spent most of the weekend in Jersey watching guys work out (the No. 9 pick wasn’t there, I was led to believe) but they are entering the final 10 days before the draft still with some work to do.

    Last we heard, they were trying to set up a workout session for here tomorrow but no word on who’d be there.

    If you look at the kids they’ve seen, though, they are all over the map, which has to be a good thing.

    I surmise from talking to scouts and execs here and there that the Raptors are likely to retain the No. 9 selection but they also have a few irons in the fire to do some other stuff to either pick up a pick in a cash transaction and there are some trade talks bubbling just below the surface.

  • The Fallacies of the NBA Draft – Well interestingly enough, the ninth pick historically is the one spot according to the ESPN data, that has traditionally produced players that have exceeded expectations while picks six to eight have been atrocious. That of course doesn’t guarantee that the Raps end up with a gem come 10 days, but it’s indeed possible that they find someone who can help their cause sooner rather than later.

    From the sounds of things, the Dinos will have another group of potential “gems” in tomorrow for a look-see.

    Once again we’ll hopefully have someone from our HQ team there to get a closer look, and it sounds like names like DeRozan and Henderson may be in attendance, even just for interviews even if not for full-on workouts.

    Some of these players will undoubtedly draw the praises of us onlookers and in the individual settings, appear to be a nice fit going forward for the Raps.

  • Mitchell, aDiscussion – Canis Hoopus Getting back to Mitchell, let me also say that my opposition to him being hired as a coach comes at a considerable cost to my Wolves fandom, as he is my all-time favorite Wolf, bar-none. There are also some solid non-homerish reasons for wanting him to come back to the Target Center. Darren lays them out in a post that you can read here.

    Realizing full-well that the following argument should have a lot more attached to it in terms of back-up, here are the four main reasons why I think Mitchell would work out for the Wolves about as well as a painting with an incorrectly spelled jersey:

  • DeRozan Schedule – Inside USC with Scott Wolf Signs of former USC forward Demar DeRozan's draft value: He works out for the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday and New York Knicks on Friday as teams try to squeeze in workouts before the June 25th NBA draft.
  • Bosh toils hard to be ‘super hero strong’ – The Globe and Mail Chris Bosh says he won't be signing a contract extension this summer with the Toronto Raptors, but he has one more reason to stay with the club that drafted him in 2003 now that it has added Reggie Evans in a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers. If Bosh is traded in the off-season or signs elsewhere as a free agent next year, it means he'll have to play against the rugged defender again.

    "I hate playing against that guy, to be honest with you," Bosh said of Evans, a 6-foot-8, 250-pound bruiser who has a knack for getting under opponents' skin. The Raptors acquired him last week for guard/forward Jason Kapono. "I'm glad he's on my team. He's very strong, a smart player and very physical and he's dirty – or he can be – and, honestly, that's what you need to be a good team, you need guy like that."

  • Can Riley Get Bosh Now? – Leaving It All on the Court There is one thing about Bosh that some would say separates him from, say, Amar'e Stoudemire. Bosh has never said that he wants to be the man on his team. In fact, he would probably enjoy playing second fiddle to a superstar like Dwyane Wade. Bosh has been likened to Pau Gasol in that he is a complementary star, not a superstar who can lead his team to a title.

    The Toronto Raptors forward can opt out of his contract in 2010, like Wade, so a trade now would come with the risk that it would end up as a one-year Bosh rental. But is the idea of Riley trading for Bosh this summer even plausible?

  • Bigger and better – The Globe and Mail In a plain, cinderblock room with scattered bar bells, weight plates and medicine balls the only furniture, Bosh is making his case.

    The 25-year-old power forward has been one of the most consistent players in the NBA the last three seasons, averaging 22.5 points and 9.7 rebounds, but Bosh wants more and has focused on reinventing himself physically to get it. Stronger, higher, faster: He’s taken an Olympian approach to his off-season training.

    Fittingly, Roberson has brought on Kyle Meadows to help. A former world-class sprinter, member of the United States bobsled team and NFL wide receiver, Meadows has a simple goal.

    “It’s all about speed, we have to train speed, that’s the neuromuscular element,” he says. “That’s why we do power lifting – it’s explosive and ballistic and sports specific.

  • Chuck Swirsky Blog – Lakers win, Phil’s the best – ESPN Chicago Bosh and more Bosh: This is what it's come down to in reporting the future of NBA superstar free agents. The Miami Herald in Sunday's edition says a "friend" of Chris Bosh says Bosh has interest in playing for the Miami Heat. That's what the paper is using for a source? A "friend"? There has been plenty of speculation on Bosh but when it's said and done he remains under contract to the Toronto Raptors. General manager Bryan Colangelo won't be pressured in to making a deal for the sake of a trade. Bosh could very well be in the Toronto starting lineup opening night. There's so much speculation on Bosh's future home that he remains a point of discussion among Web site basketball forums in Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto and others. It's nice to be wanted.
  • Slam Dunk Central 2009 NBA Mock Draft » Slam Dunk Central Strengths: Power forward, point guard.

    Weaknesses: Shooting guard.

    Inside Skinny: An interesting roster we have here. But some questions linger: Does Bosh stick around for the rebuild that is the Raptors? Is Shawn Marion a one-year rental? An interesting dilemma faces this team as the 25th fast approaches.

    The Toronto Raptors select: Jordan Hill, Arizona

  • Matrix remake of heineke commercial |
  • Sunday Thought – Can The Raps Snag Ginobili? – From Colangelo’s perspective it would allow him to extra good, albeit not equal value, for CB4 all the while moving Bosh to the Western Conference. It also addresses the Raptors dire need for a 2/3 who can play defence and also attack the rim and create off the bounce. Be it Bowen, Oberto or the Red Rocket, each guy would add something to this current Raptors team. Originally when I thought of this idea I pictured Oberto in a Raps uni as I viewed him as a serviceable veteran big man who could easily develop some chemistry with Bargnani. After a little research however, I discovered that Oberto just recently underwent a procedure on his heart to correct his irregular heartbeat. I’m no doctor but to quote the Clipse, this sounds “kinda like a big deal”.
  • Immediate Needs: Toronto Raptors – Hoopsworld The Toronto Raptors are a team with too many questions. Because they finished the 2008-09 season finished so well for them, the front office seems pretty convinced that the current roster has the capacity to win some games. The only problem is that because the Raps started—and continued on for most of the year—so poorly, it's hard to gauge whether Bryan Colangelo's got himself a Dr. Jekyll or a Mr. Hyde. That's why this summer he's got so many decisions to make. We could see an almost identical team return to the court next season, or there could be half a roster's worth of new guys.
  • Sports:Views of a busy week in Philadelphia Ray Allen he's not, but the Sixers took a major step toward improving their anemic outside shooting by trading Reggie Evans to the Toronto Raptors for Jason Kapono. A 6-8 small forward, Kapono makes three-pointers at a 45.4 percent clip, tying him with former Chicago Bull Steve Kerr for the best career percentage. He also won the three-point shooting contest at the 2007 and 2008 NBA all-star games.
  • NBA: Inside scoop | →Toronto officials maintain they will do everything possible to re-sign Chris Bosh, one of the coveted free agents of 2010. Miami, though, might be willing to offer Michael Beasley for Bosh if the Raptors are interested.
  • Love the Kapono Trade | Toronto Sun Love the Reggie Evans for Jason Kapono deal by Bryan Colangelo. That's getting something for nothing. Kapono is fine if you want a skills competition shooter. Evans is just about the meanest big body the Raptors have had since Charles Oakley
  • No Extension For Bosh|My Sports Rumors Speaking of free agency, its got Bosh working harder then ever this off season. He’s been working with a trainer and attempting to put on some more weight (all muscle of course). He admitted to reporters that he tried to do so a few years ago but got discouraged and gave up. “I was like doing this, doing that, doing this and I wasn’t seeing any results,” Bosh said. “I think perseverance is a big thing for me this summer.”

    If he can keep himself on track this time then just maybe he can take Wade over as the #2 free agent on the market next year. A bulked up Bosh would be a terror on the court.

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