Bargnani resigned, Parker out, 4-way deal and we get MLE back

Update @ 12:26AM: Final Deal.

The Mavericks and Raptors recruited the Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies to help facilitate the deal. The Raptors will get Hedo Turkoglu in a sign-and-trade deal with the Magic rather than signing him outright. They also will receive forwards Devean George and Antoine Wright from the Mavericks.

Marion will receive a five-year, $40 million contract from the Mavericks.

Stackhouse will go to the Grizzlies, who will waive him. Only $2 million of Stackhouse’s $7 million contract for next season is guaranteed. The Grizzlies will receive cash, likely $3 million, to participate in the trade.

Toronto, which gets to keep its midlevel salary-cap exception, sends a trade exception to Orlando. The Mavericks also will receive forward Kris Humphries from the Raptors.

Also of note, we have apparently rescinded our qualifying offers (audio) to Delfino and Pops.

Today Andrea Bargnani’s contract was officially announced and here’s the bullet summary of what is being said, thought, mulled over, swallowed, and kept secret.

  • Andrea is very happy to be in Toronto. He’s never even considered to play for another city and loves it like we love the Rail. This of course should make you wonder why Colangelo wouldn’t hold out and sign him to a number closer to his qualifying offer sinc he’s already got an affinity towards the city, what with the shrinking cap and all that.
  • Answer to the previous question is two-fold: He wants to do right for the kid and focus his mind back to basketball and the Italian national team rather than worry about this petty contract nonsense (although I get the feeling Andrea needed to be reminded that he was going to be a free-agent next year). The second reason for getting this deal in the first minute of free-agency was to set an example for Chris Bosh, an example which says, “Hey Chris, we’re willing to spend reasonable money, do you want to be reasonable?”.
  • What is the difference between AB and VL? According to AB, it’s all about getting minutes. You give him minutes and he’ll produce, you starve him of minutes and dump him in an unpredictable rotation and you’ll get VL. The man sure dumbs the game down, good for him.
  • Colangelo said he fully intends to sign Chris Bosh. My feeling is that he’s being honest and not even contemplating a trade and hopes that his early work this summer is enough to convince Bosh to settle in.
  • This extension is another example of Colangelo backing the horse he’s always backed. He’s never doubted Bargnani’s abilities and didn’t hesitate in the least in offering him a big extension. The negotiation process was short and sweet, Leon Wood asked for a slightly higher number than 10, Colangelo offered a slightly lower number than 10 and they reached a midway point. Done deal. Next target: Chris Bosh. That one’s going to be a lot harder than this one.

You can watch the full video here. If you do, check out the quality of Mike Ulmer’s questions. I can’t believe RR is not offered a media pass by the Raptors.

Moving along, our good friend Anthony Parker is closer to signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers where he will add size to the dwarfed backcourt of Mo Williams and Deltone West. Depending on the deal that will get executed this morning this could clear the way for Carlos Delfino to finally return even though we’ve rescinded the qualifying offer. If we are able to unload Marcus Banks or Kris Humphries for picks and cash in the deal we would have enough to sign Delfino and Hedo outright.

More later, in the meantime check out some Bryan Colangelo audio.


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