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AltRaps’ 3-point shot



Lets hear ya… 1) I think most agree the Pizza Pizza promotion sucks. Suggest a promotion that could take its place. 2) The whole Twitter thing between Bosh and Charlie V…good, bad, annoying? 3) Summer league has not solved the question of Roko Ukic. What do you suggest we do with him? Primary backup to   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee – July 14



Toronto Sun After signing Monday with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Parker believes he has a legitimate shot at winning his first NBA title. "For me it’s always about who really saw me fitting in with what they’re trying to do," Parker said. "Cleveland has been that team from the beginning. They showed the most interest and   …Continue Reading

Podcast: All things Jarrett Jack



To get a taste of what Jarrett Jack could bring to the Raptors I spoke with Tom Lewis, the main blogger over at Indy Cornrows. He saw Jarrett Jack play all 82 games for the Pacers last year and we talk about his character, his defensive make-up, what he brings offensively and what Raptors fans   …Continue Reading

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