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Jarrett Jack Press Conference Live Blog

Chris Bosh, Jarrett Jack and Bryan Colangelo interview after the jump

Some video issues in this one, take what’s here. We’ll find a better one later.

Some notes about the presser (video coming soon):

  • Matt Devlin introduces Jarrett Jack.
  • Colangelo is “very pleased” with the signing. These are well “thought-out and systematic moves”. The guard play last year was deficient and we had to address that. With DeMar DeRozan only being 19, the Raptors needed to address the guard position further.
  • Jack is a “very efficient” player and is “durable”. Points to him missing only six games in his four years.
  • Jack found it “shocking” that the Raptors approached him. Agent talked to him late, late Saturday night and he called Chris Bosh to get his advice. Bosh thought he was joking at first. Thinks he’s durable because he’s a tough player.
  • Says his role is flexible and he will do what he’s asked to do. Coming off the bench or starting is not an issue. Says Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh stand out on the Raptors and that the other guard position is still open and felt that minutes would be available.
  • Saw Chris Bosh every time he came to Atlanta, he’s been in touch with Bosh. Says its “unbelievable” to actually play with people who are really your true friends.
  • Says he’s earned the respect of the players around the league because he doesn’t take nights off.
  • Is OK with coming of the bench at a young age because he feels he can be assertive in either guard position. Coming off the bench gives him more opportunties to be aggressive.
  • Values being a “team guy” because the NBA season is a long one and that having a good relationship with teammates is paramount.
  • Says he feels more comfortable in a PG role but has no issue playing the point. Chris Bosh is here too now.
  • They’re talking to Bosh and Jack together now. Good friends these two, apparnetly elbowed a kid in practice after he was D’ing him up. Video will speak better. Wait for it.
  • Bosh says Jack will bring leadership and defense which is very important to the team.
  • Colangelo says Roko could be moved if him and his agent decide that’s best for them.
  • Talked to Bird who said the Raptors would love Jack.
  • Durability of Jack and ability to play two positions sealed the deal.

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