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Morning Coffee July 28

T.O. Sports

Speaking of Jack’s potential in Toronto I would look for him to best his season high numbers from his entire career. Considering that Jack is predominantly a scorer the career field goal percentage of .446 and .339 from the three-point line is very encouraging. I am looking for Jack to blossom into a 15 point 5 assist player with 45-47% from the field and 35-37% from the three point line. What is my reasoning? Jack is still expected to improve with consistent minutes and a clear direction of his role on this team nothing more.

Bleacher Report

Chris Bosh wants to be on a championship-caliber team. He’s been vocal about it. But say the Raptors fall short this season, do not meet Bosh’s expectations, and he bolts.

What are the effects on the Toronto Raptors?

I’ve divided them into four main categories: Fan-base, Offense, Defense, Locker Room.

NY Post

And while I would gladly accept such a comment from a Lakers, Celtics or even a Jazz beat writer, it’s a bit much for the Raptors’ guy to get on his high horse to rip the Knicks. The Raptors (33-49) were one whole game better than the Knicks (32-50) last season. The two biggest stars the team has had — Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady — both forced their way south of the border.
“The team sucks, all these grandiose plans for signing this guy (LeBron) and that guy (Bosh) are falling apart amid a worsening economy and they seem doomed to be irrelevant for a few more years,” Smith writes.

Heels on Hardwood

I liked the Rasho deal with the Spurs and I like it even better this time around. This move isn’t going to make headlines outside of Toronto, but Rasho brings to the table a lot of the intangibles that went missing last season. He is the definition of a “know your role” player. A perfect compliment to backup Bargnani at C – Doesn’t demand the ball on offense, rebounds well, can hit the occasional jumper and plays defence. My only concern would be having him and Evans on the floor at the same time as the front line on the second unit (hopefully won’t happen since Jay has shown a lot more competence with his rotations than the Smitch).


Toronto finished 22nd out of the league’s 30 teams in defensive rating.


Oh…they finished first.

The hope for Raptors fans of course is that with Iavaroni on board, and some upgrades in the personnel department, the Dinos can at least climb up into the league’s mid-level in terms of defensive ranking.  For all the offensive similarities between the Magic and Raps, I’d argue that until this occurs, it’s a bit pointless to compare the two clubs.

However that doesn’t mean that Bosh vs. Howard, Hedo vs. his former club, and the Polish Hammer vs. the Slovenian Sabre won’t make for some interesting story lines this coming season.

Bill Simmons – ESPN

To Toronto’s Bryan Colangelo, who spent money more recklessly than Michael Bay. A $53 million extension for Andrea Bargnani? Sure! Another $53 million for Hedo Turkoglu? Why not? How ’bout $20 million for a third guard (Jarrett Jack) just because he’s college buddies with Chris Bosh and might sway Bosh to stick around next summer? Absolutely! As always, there’s nothing more dangerous than an NBA GM in desperation mode. Smart moves for 2010 — dumb moves for 2012, 2013 and 2014 … and, of course, he’ll be gone by then. Sorry, Raptor Truthers. You deserve better.

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