Podcast: Coach Steve Finamore

Mostly we get our basketball fix from chumps like myself or the staff hired by your local newspaper. It’s all very enjoyable and produces the debate that runs sites like these, but at the end of the day it is more or less an opinion constructed mostly by observation rather than practice (Mind you that I’m a deadly three-point shooter).

So while we’re waiting for Delfino to decide between the Toronto cold and the Siberian winter, I thought we’d talk some basketball with an actual coach. My guest on today’s podcast is Steve Finamore, he’s entering his 3rd year as head coach of Jackson Community College in Michigan. He spent two seasons at Michigan State as a student-assistant coach under Tom Izzo. He’s originally from Brooklyn, NY where he coached HS and AAU basketball (against Jack Armstrong). And he’s been a skill development coach for many HS, college and NBA players including Al Horford and Charlie Bell.

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Follow him and read his blog. Some bullet points after the jump.

  • Feels that he expected Chris Bosh to develop a post-game by now but isn’t concerned that it hasn’t, it’ll come in time. We compare Bosh’s game to what he taught Horford.
  • If a rebounding allergic Bargnani is to play center he’ll need a banger at the PF to make up for what he lacks. Chris Bosh averaged 10 rebounds a game and could be that guy but his game is also perimeter oriented which is a bit of a problem.
  • Likes the way Jose Calderon sets up a team in the offense but figures a running PG needs to be risk-taking and make early outlet passes for him to be successful.
  • Says the NBA has turned into a jump-shooting league with not many great shooters. Players don’t work on their outside shooting as much as they need to and feels that moving the three-point line back will discourage the misuse of the three.
  • Feels the pick ‘n pop is used too much in favor of the pick ‘n roll. The screener often doesn’t move after setting the screen which kills the offensive set. When he was working with Charlie Bell, they wanted him to focus on pick ‘n pop a lot more than the roll which he supposes is what Scott Skiles wants to run.
  • The short 24-second shot-clock is one of the main reasons the league for one-on-one play in the league. When a play breaks down, there isn’t enough time to run another one and players try to salvage the possession by going one-on-one.
  • Thinks that Iavaroni is a great assistant even though he struggled as a head coach. Gives an example of football defensive coordinators who turn out to be terrible head coaches. Iavaroni will bring toughness to our team-defense.
  • Says Jay Triano in Team USA workouts brings an energy which really gets the players going and playing hard in practice.
  • Saw Jay Triano and other Canadians play way back in the 70’s under Jack Donohue, said the quality of ball was decent.
  • Says Jack Armstrong prefers to broadcast because he remains undefeated in the booth.
  • Thinks the shooting-guard is the toughest position to defend. When asked about DeRozan, he was confident in his athleticism and intelligence to do the job. Said he liked his passion in college and how he played with a degree of controlled recklessness.
  • Morris Peterson and him developed a very good relationship in Michigan State.
  • Listen to the interview for more…

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