Kyrie Irving

Training Camp: Day 1

We were finally able to get beyond the madness of Media Day and are ready to get down to business. Day 1 had a couple themes: Health Bosh is on the shelf for the next few weeks, which is a big blow to this team. This is Triano’s first training camp, and you know he… Read more »


Morning Coffee Sept 30

Toronto Sun A new policy during Raptors workouts and practises forbids the use of cell phones and Blackberry’s by those in attendance. Apparently, the rule applies to all media and team personnel, including general manager Bryan Colangelo, whose blackberry, some believe, is surgically attached to his hand. Colangelo admits he has been offered a little… Read more »


Unknowns aren’t bad

This team gets no respect. One the one hand that makes sense since they haven’t played a game yet, but even then, nobody gives them the benefit of the doubt. At all. There are question marks on the roster but those are just that, question marks. They’re not negative or positive, they’re just unknowns that… Read more »


Morning Coffee Sept 29

Toronto Sun For now, Wright is saying all the right things and gives the Raptors a defensive presence on the wing, an area of concern in Toronto for the past few seasons. "In this league, you have to separate yourself from your peers by whatever means,” Wright said as the Raptors unveiled their new roster… Read more »


Podcast: Wrapping up the summer

AltRaps is back, Raps Fan crawls out of his hole and phdsteve returns to the mix as we warm up to pump out the first ever podcast with more than two people. We have some talk about season ticket holders, how MLSE screwed us out of an All-Star game, Doug Smith’s precious chair, the statistical… Read more »


Videos from Media Day

I want to thank bigmacrexdale for allowing us to embed his videos. His blog should be a mandatory bookmark this season. Bryan Colangelo


Morning Coffee Sept 28

Brothersteve’s Green & Red Raptors Blog Under a new contract at the maximum salary permitted, Chris Bosh would earn about $16,500,000 next season. (The numbers will be rounded; they’re so big it hardly matters.)  Because the Toronto Raptors are Bosh’s current club, they can offer him 10.5% raises in each year of the contract. So… Read more »


Jose Calderon the Scorer

It seems whenever you hear that chap Calderon’s name it’s either preceded or succeeded somewhere in the sentence by ‘terrible defender’, ‘hand-clapping defense’ or ‘hamstring’. Even the bloke himself agrees that he needs to avoid being penetrated so frequently. His coach has resigned himself to try and hide him by hoping that he can ‘play… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

It’s Always Sunny in Philadunkia

This is part of a continuing series we are doing here at Raptors Republic where we do a fly-by with our partners in the TrueHoop Network. Nothing fancy, not going entirely in-depth since (in my opinion) it’s pretty worthless to do so until the season starts. When the games that count do start, we have… Read more »


Training camp cometh, what it bringeth?

Can you smell it? I can, it’s training camp and it’s just around the corner. It’s the time when wins and losses are seen as meaningless with much more weight given to team cohesion, practices, conditioning and such. It’s a time when there’s room for mistakes and sub-par performances are brushed off with a broom… Read more »