Trash Talk

Are we seriously expecting Andrea Bargnani to rebound this year? I don’t care who else we got on the team, you honestly think we can be a playoff contender with him averaging 5 boards a game…..Chris Bosh is in Africa taming lions, conquering tribes and teaching kids the importance of vowels…..Anybody else expecting Quincy Douby to be a pleasant surprise this year? You’re not? OK, just checking…..Comparing the end of the bench at the start of training camp last year we replaced Ukic, Solomon, Adams and Humphries with Banks, Douby, Johnson and O’Bryant. So where’s the improvement? Don’t tell me you’re banking on Belinelli to actually do something…..People who love Antoine Wright have not seen Antoine Wright play…..Raise your hand if you saw Belinelli more than once last season? Was that one time against the Raptors in Golden State when he lit us up? I thought so…..So Marcus Banks must know how we tried to trade him like five times, and how we hate him for not participating in summer league, and how Calderon, Jack and Douby are are head of him in the depth chart and how he’s going to see less playing time than an ACC usher. So you think he’ll be the one to approach Colangelo with a buyout idea, you know, just so he can resurrect his “career” elsewhere? Fat chance…..We’re expecting too much out of DeMar DeRozan, he’s a rookie who had a good summer league, but so did Donte Greene last year, SG production is a problem…..I hate going to Raptors games because I don’t like being told when to ‘Make some noise’. Nor do I like it how every timeout is flooded with incessant advertising through gimmicks such as contests and giveaways…..The ACC needs to dim the lighting in the upper bowl and the back parts of the lower bowl to give the place a theatrical effect, much like the Staples Centre and MSG…..Sonny Weems is the Hassan Adams of 2010…..Chris Bosh is running out of excuses, if he can’t produce with this team, maybe it’s us who don’t want him and not the other way around…..Do you need to be able to play basketball in order to comment intelligently about it?…..It’s easy to say Calderon can play ‘off the ball’, doing it is much harder…..Prediction: Jose Calderon will brick his first FT this season…..This guy’s right hand is doing the business…..John Stockton never lost a suicide drill in his 19 years. It’s true…..The NBA might see another Jordan but not another Stockton…..The last Raptors point guard who I felt comfortable running an offense was Mark Jackson…..I would’ve liked the Raptors to acquire Jacque Vaughn…..The NBA court is 28.65m by 15.24m, the FIBA court is 28m by 15m…..If you know what the New VR was you’ve been a fan for a long time…..I’m a little surprised how Damon Stoudamire ended up having a very mediocre and uneventful career…..I hardly watch a game live anymore, it’s almost crazy to do so, PVR can save you an hour easily. Just start watching it at halftime…..A lot of fans will be surprised at just how suspect Hedo Turkoglu’s shot-selection can be…..There’s going to be a PG controversy in Toronto, and the fans will be the ones to start it…..I don’t get this greatest Raptor contest we’re having, the answer’s just too obvious.

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