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The New York Knicks: The Franchise We Destroyed



Continuing on our merry way with our TrueHoop familia, today we turn our attention to the New York Knickerbockers. Once a franchise looked upon with pride, but then they ran into Vince, Alvin, Antonio, and their old employee named Charles. The Raptors knocked them out in the first round and the Blue and Orange faithful   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee Oct 10


Raptors win, parade on Tuesday



The final from Minneapolis was 112-97. Chris Bosh got his first action of the pre-season and according to our podcast guest, John Focke of the T’Wolves radio network, looked “like a gazelle”. He even managed to get T’d up in an altercation with Ryan Hollins. Booyeah! Bring on Danny Granger. Check out the short and   …Continue Reading

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