It’s only pre-season I tell myself

Turkoglu’s play was one of the few bright spots on a very dismal afternoon. C**tics 101, Raptors 82 – Box C’mon man, try to stay positive, it’s only pre-season. That’s what I was telling myself after the game, to not lose faith so early and give Triano a chance, a chance at a full training… Read more »


RR Ratings – Oct 18 vs BOS

C**tics 101, Raptors 82 Banks – N/A Had the flu, test for the swine kind came back negative. Only person that cared either way was his mother. Bargnani – 7 Defended hard, cut hard, fouled hard, played hard. Accepted Perkins’ challenge in the post and made him eat Spalding a couple times. Demanded the ball… Read more »


Question of The Day – Oct 18

Lots of talk about DeRozan becoming the starter without facing competition because of the the injury to Antoine Wright. This mornings news and QOTD revolve around that. Toronto Star – DeMar DeRozan a starter by default Antoine Wright’s injury is making life easy for Raptors rookie DeMar DeRozan. And that ticks off coach Jay Triano…. Read more »