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We’re running three fantasy leagues which merits discussion and there’s no place on the current site for that. It’s the main reason behind the newly installed forums.

You can create other topics of discussion too but our goal is to keep it very streamlined. In other words, your topics need to be thoughtful, we hope that it gives some of the very good posters here an arena to share their thoughts as the center of discussion. These forums will be strictly moderated for quality content. Speaking of moderation, we will be making a call for moderators in the near future, it entirely depends on how things go.

Keep in mind that Raptors Forum is a great place to discuss the Raps in a forum/topic setting and we don’t want to have too much overlap as they already do a great job of discussing a lot of the daily stuff. There’s also RealGM as we all know.

We encourage you to register. You should also note that any comment you make on the blog will be credited to your post count on the forums as long as you use the same email in both places. This will come in handy if user levels are created in the future.


RR Team

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