Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call vs San Antonio – Nov 9

The ‘yeah, well, evidently they are still better than us’ edition.

Banks – more chance of this game taking place at the Alamo Dome than Banks seeing the floor.

Bargnani – saw a little bit of all of his game tonight. Indifference, a rare block on a meaningful shot, his usual silky touch. His D on Bonner was brutal at times and it made you pray for switches or subs. Something that hasn’t been said very often this year.

Belinelli – evidently he has big balls if you are to believe Devlin. For a stretch he and Bargs were playing as advertised and it made you wistfully think of what might be in a few months. Not a huge fan, but he did enough tonight to make you notice he was on the floor. For once.

Bosh – hell of a job getting to the line and a nice job shooting from the floor.  That said, he should have been a beast on the boards. Instead it took him a while to get past 5. Far and away the best on the floor tonight, but his inability to command the paint should be looked at as one of the factors in the loss.

Calderon – the only thing missing from his game tonight was a purse. Hands over his mouth, arms stretched wide, running to the ref like a 4 year old who just had his GI Joe stolen by the neighbours kid. Sure, his game continues to improve from pre-season, but floor leadership is something this squad needs.

DeRozan – son, hope you like that chair you sat on for most of the game tonight because, soon enough, you’ll start the game there. Flashes of athleticism? The only flashes he has shown would be from the flipbooks the coaches give him to show him what he should be like. 9 minutes of nothing and he couldn’t keep up with any of his assignments.

Douby – DNP – EHIB

Evans – faker.

Jack – this guy should get a sponsorship deal with a menopause product. Hot, cold, aggressive, passive. I’m beginning to think he plays up or down to the level of his own teammates.

Johnson – good game full of something this squad has issues with: hustle. He seemed to be all over the court and zeroed in on the ball whenever he was on the court. Still overly aggressive and a foul magnet, but we’ll take what we can get.

Nesterovic – here’s a thought: a big, playing against a former team, possible ability to surprise. Pregame he was rumoured to be the guy to be on Duncan for stretches. No Duncan and therefore no Rasho? Makes no sense.

O’Bryant – he may have followers, but he don’t have minutes.

Turkoglu- better game from him. He seemed much more loose and active. Still, is it just me or does his ability to coast overshadow his game? He reminds you of a hippy that just took a nice bong hit and is more fascinated with all the pretty colours than the task at hand.

Weems – I want to say that I see him as being in the 8 man rotation come February, but I shudder to think what that means as to where we will be as a team. I like his game but, unfortunately, there isn’t room for him right now.

Wright – bizarre shot selection, but he was playing D like a fat man guarding the desserts at the Mandarin. He needs to bring his guys in a bit more often to set stuff up on the defensive end. Would love to see him be the floor leader in that respect when he is out there with Jose.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  DeMar DeRozan

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