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Raptors Roll Call Nov 11th vs Chicago



The ‘Chuck Swirsky? Who’s next? The usher from section 101?’ edition. Banks – you ever watch Finding Nemo? You know that school of fish that swam behind the stars of the film? Well, if you used the Raptors as a real-life version of that school of fish, Banks would be the seaweed in the distance.   …Continue Reading

Podcast: The Doctor Is In



Every Wednesday I check in on the more subtle aspects of the Raptors and NBA. This week in The Doctor Is In we examine the importance of drafting first overall and the future prospects of Andrea Bargnani, give shout-outs to new and returning Raptors in the weekly game of “hot or not”. We also check   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee – Nov 11


Bull-ish on defense


Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

This celebration was for nothing as the Bulls lost a heart-breaker to Denver. Coming off a deflating loss to a decimated Spurs team, one thing has become particularly evident: this outfit will live and die through its offense. Basically, you score on us and we’ll score on you and let’s see who’s ahead after 48   …Continue Reading

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