Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Raptors Roll Call Nov 18 vs Jazz

The “the jumpers, the jumpers, the jumpers ain’t a-fallin’ edition. Banks – gettin’ paid. Bargnani – a double double from out of nowhere. His night played out like a Where’s Waldo story. He’s there, then he’s gone. Brutal defensively and a bad shooting night. This back to back killed him. Belinelli – fantastic play in… Read more »


Podcast: The Doctor Is In

If you want to catch-up on the game tonight, check the uber pre-game thread. This week in The Doctor Is In, I look at the *new* defensive schemes of the Triano regime and their effectiveness 10 games into the season. Newcomer Hedo Turkoglu and returning Raptor Jose Calderon have their games deconstructed in “hot or… Read more »

Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Raps run out of air in second half

Raptors 112, Nuggets 130 – Box Let’s make an obvious statement: The Toronto Raptors just aren’t in the same league as the Denver Nuggets. Even the homerest of all homers will concede this nugget of wisdom (pardon the pun). While it took some time for that sobering reality to manifest itself, the prodigious talents of… Read more »

Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Raptors Roll Call Nov 17 vs Nuggets

The ‘*&$$!(*!’edition. Banks – does he even exist? Bargnani – rough night. His shots seemed to be either short or long. One of the rare nights this season that I audibly groaned when he hoisted a shot. Had a fantastic drive for a dunk in the second quarter and 2 nice blocks, but his greatness… Read more »