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Power Rankings thread

DeRozan’s struggles:

Man, I’m surprised how off is he on his pull-up jumper and runners of late. He hit backboard at least four times last week…

No Way Jose!!:

Im trying to start a movement that most will not like. I sometimes question myself for speaking it aloud but it has to happen. Jose needs to play with the second unit. For the benefit of the team Jose should be the backup point guard. Jose’s skills cater to that of a backup point guard, he is a very good shooter that can score in spurts, protects the ball, values possesions and has lots of energy. Most importantly he is a pillon and opposing point guards walk around him with ease. We need more stability at the point of attack. Jarret jack would bring a better defender and intangibles to the starting unit. If he wants to win and keep Chris Bosh around this needs to be done immediatley. If he thinks its a demotion he should look at guys like Jason Terry!

Sam Mitchell On NBA TV:

Apparently Sam was on NBA TV last night and talking about some things from his time in Toronto. Most notably the negativity regarding Toronto

Magloire Considering Playing For Canada:

He is a has been.
He is so bad that even if he played for team Canada he will be the third big (thus bench player) after Matt Bonner and Joel Anthony.
But I guess team Canada does need size so if he does join (even though he doesn’t deserve at this point due to the costant excuses he gave over the years when he was a decent player) I am thinking it could only benefit team Canada and not hurt it if he plays like 5-10 mins and just grab rebounds out there.
Its not like Canada has any chances of getting a medal or being in the top 5.

The Best NBA Intro:

Courtesy of the Miami Heat.

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