Raptors Roll Call Nov 24 vs Pacers


The “man alive that was a long game” edition. Banks – back in his rightful place: hanging out with the usher at the end of the bench looking for scraps. Bargnani – took him a full half to get going. Not sure if his illness is lingering, but he had the Bargnani-of-old look to start… Read more »


T-Shirt: Lower Bowl Sucks!


You’ve made us the #1 destination for Raptors basketball in under a year. Now you can say you were here first as well as show your support of the franchise we love…and sometimes hate. Allow us to help you mock the tie-wearing suits that take up the good seats in the lower-bowl. Wear the RR… Read more »


Gameday: Raptors vs Pacers – Nov. 24/09


The Raptors are coming off their what, 3rd tough loss so far this season? 4th maybe? Either way, Bosh doesn’t want anything to do with ‘taking something away from a loss’, and I don’t blame him: Some games you just lose, I don’t know why, and you go on from there…We pretty much have to… Read more »