Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Nov 25 vs Bobcats

The “please hold me” edition.

Banks – as badly as we played, let it be said we didn’t have to see Marcus Banks play.

Bargnani – did fine early, then the pasta went limp.

Belinelli – the energy guy had a blackout. Provided next to nothing tonight, going 2 for 9. Pitiful.

Bosh – keeping up his double double run with 18/14. That said, if a guy that can go inside only shoots 5/14, you are going to have a long night if nobody else steps up.

Calderon – six points, 8 assists, but 6 turnovers. Not acceptable. Sure, everybody has a game or two like this, but most of his turnovers tonight were silly and unforced. The tide turned on us because of these giveaways.

DeRozan – Lighthouse fared a bit better today. Got burned on two bad checks, had a turnover turn into a dunk, and he picked up 5 fouls, but he kept his head in the game.

Evans – faker.

Jack – brutal game after coming down off of what must have been a high last night. 1 of 9, 1 assist and, like Jose, 2 bonehead turnovers.

Johnson – one person seemed to care. Diving for loose balls, skying for boards, doing something unheard of by not losing his guy. Amazing stuff. Still a magnet for fouls, but I shudder to think where we would have been without him tonight.

Mensah-Bonsu – missed an easy putback slam late but did pull down 6 boards in a short amount of court time. Hasn’t been bad in games he has played in but he should never see the floor outside of garbage time. Ever.

Nesterovic – didn’t play. He’d probably need a note from his doctor after the show he put on last night, old age and all.

O’Bryant – seen being fitted for a “I Want To Be Like Tyson” tshirt before the game.

Turkoglu- our producer was producing about as well as a stud with a condom. Yes, it was a back to back, but can you at least look like you aren’t 45? 5pts, 2 assists. If you find yourself sucking, get your teammates involved…move the ball, call a play, exert some effort, TALK ON DEFENSE.

Weems – limited minutes and about as much good to us tonight as sunglasses at a planetarium.

Wright – still coming back from injury and looking every bit the part. If we weren’t hitting our shots we sure could have used some lockdown defense. Unfortunately Mr. Wright played as well as Arsenalist does at Guitar Hero.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Jarrett Jack

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