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Raptors Roll Call vs Bulls Dec 5

The “like there was ever any doubt pt.II” edition.

Banks – Jay should use the “bling defense” and have Marcus flash his watch as teams bring the ball up the court. That thing could defend Kobe without fouling him.

Bargnani – another poor shooting night, but you have to wonder if it’s because he is concentrating on his defensive effort. Maybe the guy truly is one dimensional. In any event, we didn’t need your stinkin’ points today anyway, you big lug of goo.

Belinelli – see what a shave and a spray tan can do? It was like the loss of the whiskers was enough for the ball to be guided through the hoop. He re-found his shooting stroke, had a beautiful no-look bounce pass in traffic and he played with that spirit he showed earlier in the season during his strong games.

Bosh – the powderkeg to start the game once again. 6pts and 3rebs in the first 4 minutes and he ended the game with 25/12 in just 22min. 7 of those boards came on the offensive end, by the way.  Those of you that questioned his effort this week should be ashamed. Yes, I’m looking at you. Also, not a fan of +/-, but +36??? In 22 min??? 

Calderon – left the game early with a hip injury which seems minor. Got banged around a bit tonight and caught Rose on a night where he almost seemed disinterested. Good things happened when Jose drove and you could tell he was looking for DeRozan a bit more than usual, which is a good thing.

DeRozan – seemed to have a chip on his shoulder when he came out, huh Jay? The rook jammed home another alley oop and had a great slam in the first half. His eyes were lighting up again and he appears to know he can start to feel like he belongs. Nice to see. What wasn’t nice to see was that dancing in the 4th, especially given the LeBron situation last night. Stay classy.

Evans – is becoming a master at Call Of Duty.

Jack – extended minutes with Jose out, and he did his job. 6/9/4 in 32 minutes with 3 turnovers. Play of the game when he stood and tied his shoe as the game was going on. He had the ball tucked under his arm and acted like he had all the time in the world.

Johnson – well, we didn’t really need any defense tonight, so he didn’t play much. Still, 3 fouls in 13 minutes. This is still a major concern for games where we need stops. The way he played last night in OT, he needs to bring that more consistently.

Mensah-Bonsu – it was safe to put him in tonight. All you Pops fans, go see him now because in 15 days he could be outta here.

Nesterovic – workmanlike and luggish. It’s like he was created to battle Brad Miller to the death. Have to give him credit for running the floor in a blowout and during a back to back. Show them young punks how you do, big fella.

O’Bryant – tell me he doesn’t just have one suit. Please.

Turkoglu- not going to lie, I was worried when I saw him pick up his second foul only 3:30 into the game. Of course, hindsight we didn’t need him, but he still had a nifty line for his minutes: 9/5/4 in 20min.  Major props for stepping up to DeMar out of that fourth quarter timeout and telling him to stop dancing and sit down. That one move made up for at least 2 of his early crappy games.

Weems – he was let lose on the world tonight and he went 0 for 3. Marcus could be seen licking his chops and dreaming about getting fitted for a jersey soon.

Wright – I could almost audibly hear RapsFan groan a few times, but Antoine played okay and under control. Still a step behind of where we need him, in my opinion, but that could still come. Guess we just need more blowouts to see.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

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