Raptors Roll Call Dec 16 vs Magic

The “where first round matchups come to die” edition. Banks – call me crazy, but the guy could turn into an okay back up. He’ll never be flashy, he’ll never be consistent, he’ll make you want to throw stuff, he has that lost look in his eyes……and he is a perfect representation of this basketball… Read more »


Gameday: Raptors vs Magic – Dec. 16/09

So much for unfounded optimism in calling games (my pre-game call), I will be sticking to my gut feeling from now on (my podcast call). Pitiful display by the Raptors last night. We’ve owned the Heat over the last few seasons, so you knew they were due for a win, but not like that. After… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Podcast: The Doctor Is In

Chris Bosh to OKC for Jeff Green, OKC’s 2010 1st, PHX’s 2010 1st and Etan Thomas (expiring)(polls) Before we start: Don’t. Forget. Other. Stuff. This week on The Doctor Is In, we look one last time at the Bosh vs. Bargnani debate in the hopes of bringing about a lasting peace in the Republic and… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Game in Screencaps – Raptors vs Heat

You laughed through the Roll Call, you cried through the recap, you sobered up with the Morning Coffee. Now we’ll gouge your eyes out with some screencaps. And don’t forget, phdsteve’s coming up soon.

Kyrie Irving

We don’t just lose, we get blown out

Raptors 95, Heat 115 – Box Those damn team meetings. We really needed to have another right after Miami had theirs, problem was that we won our previous game so everybody assumed everything was all rosy. The warm and fuzzy feelings from Sunday are now gone and replaced with a cold disgusting chill. The Raptors… Read more »