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Raptors Roll Call Dec 23 vs Pistons

Once again, filling in for the vacationing AltRaps, it’s the “C’mon, it’s a back-to-back…for the other team” edition.

Banks – The positive press got to his head. Came in and promptly turned it over twice, once on a childish double-dribble. Somebody check with Doug Smith and see if he still considers him a “trade asset”.

Bargnani – The jumper was on, hence the game was on. All his shots were in rhythm and he looked to break a sweat on offense. Needed to get more mixed up in on the boards, the Pistons’ +18 offensive rebounding edge speaks to their superior physical presence in the paint, but when you have an offensive game like he had, it makes up for a lot of things. Great shooting display, his shot-chart‘s all over the place, don’t miss out on the reverse-dunk off the baseline drive, an almost patented move.

Belinelli – Amazing what happens when you start off by driving instead of stepping back for a three behind two screens. He admitted the early layup got his confidence going and from there he just let his instinct take over. Triano should test him early and see what he has in him for that night, chances are if he misses his first couple shots he’s a write-off for the whole game, if he’s on, great. Either way, with Weems in the wings he won’t be playing 25 minutes of 0-9 ball anymore.

Bosh – Let Wallace dictate his offensive game too much for my liking, wasn’t as aggressive as he needed to be against the laterally challenged Wallace. Lucky for us we didn’t need his offense tonight. Good effort on the glass and on the PnR with Turkoglu and Jack.

Calderon – Desde españa, a 6-3 G, numero ocho, Jose Cal-deron!! You’ve heard the last of those words from Herbie Coon.

DeRozan – He needs to get a grip on his handle, it’s too loose for him to be making the moves he tried early. Dribbled it off his foot the first time and right into traffic the second, the defensive work early was poor but took a nice charge against Stuckey in the third. Pushed it in transition but couldn’t supply the finish, he recognized the back-to-back weary Pistons defense and tried to exploit. I’m buying his jersey, just for wanting to play defense.

Evans – Part-times as Santa at Albion Mall.

Jack – Give him the corner three, he’ll nail it. Give him the paint, he’ll drive right through it. Pressure him up-top, he’ll make the right pass. Best part, he doesn’t concede on D what he provides on O. He played like a true PG early and when Turkoglu took over the playmaking, nicely transitioned into a SG who spaces the floor and D’s up his check. Liking the headband too.

Johnson – I finally get it. He’s playing for a contract. BC Beware: Do not overpay him! Now that that’s out of the way, another good aggressive defensive game. Had four swats and was the only guy who could get a handle on Jason Maxiell and Ben Wallace, happens when you face old practice buddies. The energy was great and something we’re almost taking for granted. Keep it up Amir, at this rate you’ll have a 6yr/55M contract by June.

Mensah-Bonsu – I liked him. Then I found out he’s a Tottenham supporter. He can burn in hell.

Nesterovic – The only Raptor that drinks Labatt 50. Or knows what it is.

O’Bryant – One thing about him is that he’s consistent, he’s even a healthy scratch in NBA2K. Respect.

Turkoglu- You’re telling me if we give him the ball early in the shot-clock and have him create by setting screens for him, he can be effective? What a shock? What we saw tonight should’ve been happening from Day One. Of Training Camp. It’s inexcusable how bad of a job Triano has done in integrating Turkoglu into the team. Having a player with his offensive skill-set might be the easiest thing to coach, yet Triano has managed to screw it up thus far. Here’s hoping this game signals the Big Turk’s return as playmaker. Him and Jack showed great chemistry tonight and the PnRs with Bosh all led to something positive. Even D’d up his man 30 feet out. No joke.

Weems – 8 rebs in 22 minutes, guard rebounding isn’t talked about enough. Best thing it does is that it helps your transition game since the pass from the big who rebounded the ball to the ball handler is eliminated. As long as he keeps the energy coming, he’ll get enough playing time to secure himself a place in the L. The Pistons’ 28% shooting can be attributed to our guard defense. Young Guns take a bow.

Wright – We have no use for him. Never did. Those of you who thought he should be starting instead of DeRozan, where are you? Show your face! Cowards!

Driving The Bus: Hedo Turkoglu

Under The Bus: Marcus Banks

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