Statophile, Volume 7 – The “Team Edition”

Happy Holidays! All I wanted for Christmas was more playing time for Julian Wright. I received it, but unfortunately it was due to injuries and a bone head ejection. The end of the calendar year, is a pretty useless milestone for the NBA season (after 41 games, or during all-star break is certainly more natural),… Read more »


The Raptors Lose Even If They Win

Ever hear of the “30-Win” trap? RR member Balls of Steel does his best to break it down in a nutshell. “Many teams that finish with this much wins is usually not good enough to make the play-offs (and in the odd chance that they did, they’s be blown away to smithereens in the first… Read more »


DeRozan or Davis? Who Has Greater Potential?

So, who do you guys think has the bigger and brighter future? DeMar or Ed? Both are young, raw and no doubt alot of potential. That being said who do you think will go on to have a long and illustrious career in the NBA?


Raptors Expressing Some Interest in Wolves Flynn

With Minnesota growing more and more confident that Rubio might finally make his NBA debut in the near future, the Wolves are apparently looking at exploring some options for Jonny Flynn. One of the teams that apparently covet Flynn is our very own Raptors according to HoopsWorld columnist Bill Ingram. What do Raptors fans think?


“Defense is the best offense” – Ed Davis

That was fun to watch. If you’re a fan of defensive basketball, then this was the game for you, and by “the” game I mean perhaps the only game you have experienced ever where the Raps played lockdown basketball for a full 48 minutes. AltRaps nailed it with the word: spirited. This team comes into Dallas shorthanded, without two everyday starters and a rotation player, then proceed to lose another two of their starters and still pull out the win.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Dec 29

“It was a disappointing loss but I would credit Toronto more on their effort and how they played. They won the game, we didn’t give it to them.”

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

The Myopia of Toronto Raptor Fans

RR member ibzilla shares his two cents in that its time for Raptors fans to wake up and smell the coffee. In his opinion the Raptors are just a “bunch of role players and nothing more.” Is he right? And if so, is it time to finally blow things up and host a fire sale?… Read more »