Raptors Roll Call Jan 10 vs Celtics


The “close to the corner, waiting for the light to change” edition. Banks – begging Bosh to take him with him to L.A. Bargnani –  stop me if you’ve heard this line before: “season high against the Raptors”.  Shot well but didn’t have the recent fire. Needed him to step up his defensive effort, not… Read more »


Gameday: Raptors vs Celtics – Jan. 10/10


Beating Competing against Playing the Celtics has become a mental exercise for the Raptors. The proof was in the pudding when they were humiliated last week by a shell of a team. We excused the game simply by saying that the Raptors can’t win them all, and that even without Garnett/Pierce/Rondo, the Celtics are a good team… Read more »