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Something good came from the Indiana loss



Raptors 112, Knicks 104 – Box Forgive the scattered nature of this post, but RFF was very satisfying and intoxicating. There’s not a Raptor lead that I am comfortable with. It doesn’t matter by how much we’re up by, when we’re up and who we’re playing. The feeling of walking on thin ice is ever-present,   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee – Jan 16


Raptors Roll Call Jan 15 vs Knicks



The “please, not again” edition. Banks – hoping beyond hope that the rumblings of a Calderon trade turn into something. Bargnani –  it would be easy to say he had a little pop today playing against his fellow countryman, but let’s face it: he’s been playing this way the past few weeks. Established his outside   …Continue Reading

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