Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Jan 20 vs Bucks

The “one man army” edition.

Banks – the Lenny Kosnowski of the Toronto Raptors.

Bargnani –  he’s played well and is deserving of a night off…which he took in glorious fashion. He was lumbering up and down the court, his shot was off, any time he was covering Bogut the Aussie made him look like a D-Leaguer. A night to forget.

Belinelli – for the very short period he was on the floor (3 minutes) he was like the Readers Digest version of the rest of his teammates besides Bosh.  No help. He made Stackhouse look like he was back with the Pistons years ago.

Bosh – what is there to say? Career high in points, fought for boards, carried his team.  Would have loved to see him a bit more vocal in timeouts and demand the ball late in the fourth, but can’t ask the guy to do everything….even though he basically did.

Calderon – did a great job on Jennings when he was brought it. Stuck to him defensively and on the offensive end he either made Brandon work or Jose did a great job in finding the open man for an easy play. Did a complete 180 when put on Ridnour in the second half, though. Luke stopped short of bouncing the ball off Jose’s head into the basket and yelling “H”.

DeRozan – quiet night, going 1 for 6. He seemed to be daydreaming out there most of the night, conjuring up dunks for the silly contest next month.

Evans – just once I’d love to see him in a tie. Not to complete that “suit” but just to see what would be on it. I’m guessing Spiderman.

Jack – Jennings was frustrating him early. Brandon was draped all over Jarrett on almost every in-bounds play and then pestered him up the floor. Defensively all Jarrett saw all night was the side of Jennings’ fade as he blew by.

Johnson – good job on the boards, perfect from the line. Compared hair products with Jennings at the half.

Nesterovic – gotta get this guy on twitter. Can you imagine the conversation?  “Eating bacon”. “Jose just gave me the red Gatorade". “Micah Nori wears nice aftershave”.

O’Bryant – the Toronto Raptors version of Squiggy.

Turkoglu- for, oh, 46 minutes of this game he was the epitome of suck. Again. King Hoover, you might say. He had no flow to his game on either end of the floor, Delfino was practically pulling out a lawn chair, unfolding it, sitting down, applying sunblock and then shooting over Hedo for a 3 or deep 2 every time down the court. Then, for a few minutes in the fourth, Hedo must have had a flash back to his Magic days because he hit some shots, had a block, pulled down a board and actually kept us in it.Then, just as quickly, reality came back into our lives and he collapsed like Madame Tussaud’s in a fire.

Weems – so Sonny came in, defended well, threw the Bucks off their game a bit….then got yanked for the rest of the game. Told you it was back to normal.

Wright – while not up to the level of the past few games, he did defend well. He also hit a shot that he had no right in hitting, but that just shows my man is feeling it. Love to see him get a few more touches on Friday.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

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