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Breaking It Down: Switching and recovering



We break down the key offensive and defensive play of the Knicks game: Bosh scoring on a face-up and Jarrett Jack drawing the charge.



Kyrie Irving

The script played out the same as the Heat/Laker games: spot them a lead, claw back, hang around, pounce like tiger, win game. All the while, your defense making timely stops at crucial points to give you a chance.

Jay. Hedo. Ball. Stat. I’ve been one of his worst critics, but when our boy puts up 26pts 11rebs 2ast, the proof is in the pudding. Give him the damn ball, and let him do work. I don’t know how else he can make it clear that he isn’t an off-the-ball player after giving the most awkward/terrible interview in NBA history. The guy is responsible to get himself into games, but Triano needs to run plays for him.

Morning Coffee – Jan 29


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