Rapcast #55: The Doctor Is In

The talk is all about whether the Raptors are buyers or sellers at the deadline while considering the variables of finance, talent and the state of the NBA. We ask if two free throws against the Lakers is enough to heat up Hedo Turkoglu and see if Jose Calderon can get you the 2 guard you desire.


Gameday: Raptors vs Heat – Jan 27

The battle for fifth. Currently the Raptors stand one game back in the loss column and in 10 games will be at least a couple games ahead of the Heat. See, while the Raptors come into a relatively easy stretch of games, the Heat pay visits to Chicago, Cleveland, Boston and Atlanta. The fifth seed… Read more »


Quotes from practice – Jan 26

Triano on the significance of the game: As we say in Canada, or in hockey, it’s one of those four-pointers. It’s two you get and two they don’t. It has a little bit more value than even the Lakers game.


Belinelli and Weems are the “Wright” Solutions

The Raptors have challenges at the wing position. Hedo, … well we all know the issue there – even though there are signs of improvement at least in terms of effort in recent games. DeMar DeRozan has loads of potential and the consensus view is to keep his development going by having him start. The primary issue remains who plays in the second unit – and how much they play.


Rapcast #54 + Some practice talk

Podcast topics include favorite Raptors, what can Belinelli do to shoot better than 41%, Amir Johnson fan clubs, Bargnani and Bosh’s defense against the Lakers, Jay Triano’s offense, the Roll Call, talk about what needs to happen for the Raptors to surpass mediocrity (.500), the one thing Colangelo’s great at, the eeaaassy schedule and more…. Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raptors Steal One From The Lakers 106-105

The Raptors hung in and absolutely stole the rug from under the Lakers with a thrilling 106-105 win at home. The Raptors play is much improved, but what you might not realize is how well they are doing against the West: 8-7 including wins against the Hornets, Rockets, Spurs, Mavs and the Lakers. Overall, the Raptors have beat 8 of the top 16 teams in the league (and still have to play a couple of them). Not too shabby.