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Raptors Roll Call Feb 2 vs Pacers

The “LOST” edition.

The “LOST” edition.

Banks – that squeal of joy you heard from courtside came from either Larry Bird’s mistress or from Marcus when he saw Jose hobbling around like he had just stepped in a bear trap. Marcus went 4/4 from the line, matching Jarrett Jack’s output.

Bargnani – he and Bosh were taking shots like they were at a Pop-a-Shot. Andrea hoisted 21, hit 14 and came away with 34 points, scoring 19 of those bad boys in the 3rd quarter.  Poor defensive effort tonight, though. Non-existent on the boards and his help defence was as helpful as using Paris Hilton as your lifeline on a physics question.

Belinelli – Marco came out as if he were an Elvis impersonator at an all-female retirement home in Nashville……knocking them down at every opportunity. A great showing in his first start swirled a bit off track as the game wore on, but his defence was pretty good with some timely hustle plays.

Bosh – 35 and 15, 12 trips to the line, and at least 3 more instances of him taking on an entire team in the paint all by himself. Again, for long stretches it seemed like he thought the Pacers bigs had H1N1 the way he was avoiding them.

Calderon – 5 points and 8 assists before being removed from the game with what appears to be an ankle sprain. He was so delirious that he complimented Reggie on his suit as Evans came out to help him off the floor.

DeRozan – $20 says he sends a tweet as he jumps over Micah Nori at the dunk contest.

Evans – somewhere in Indiana, a nice steakhouse is missing a dinner jacket.

Jack – a poor showing from our starter in a place that should have provided enough motivation on its own. Just couldn’t get himself going, allowed some penetration all night and stood by watching his teammates get beat. Not good.

Johnson – redeemed a poor first half by coming out and showing what he is paid to do. Nice energy in the second half, but the foul machine made a re-appearance.

Nesterovic – another head scratcher. It’s not like he dominated, but he played fine when he was out there.  I think he and Amir make a neat-o front court.

O’Bryant – took a shot and missed it. Kind of like his career.

Turkoglu- in a perfect world his mask would come painted like a slice of pizza with removable bits he could peel off and eat every time he hit a shot.

Weems – Momma Weems told him there would be nights like these. 24 minutes, no points and about as much chance of escaping the wrath of Jay Triano as there is of Laura Secord releasing diet chocolate.

Wright – defensively he played a game that we can appreciate. Offensively he played a game that the Pacers appreciate. There is being cold, being Hedo, and then there is being a detriment to your team when you have the ball. He was the latter.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Sonny Weems

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