The dark shadow of the 0-4 week is heavily set on the podcast as we go sift through the ruins and search for positives while reflecting on lineup changes and whether they have any hopes of being effective. Are we just shuffling our cards randomly or is their a strategy behind starting Calderon again? Are we really addressing the problem by swapping PGs in the lineup or is the problem elsewhere and we’re just too scared to address it. How much of our lineups are controlled by the coach and how much by Colangelo himself?

Marco Belinelli is accused, defended and accused. Has he been given a fair shot this year or is Triano killing his career and confidence just like Don Nelson? Is DeMar DeRozan our best option at SG? His offensive play would suggest so but his defense speaks otherwise. Or are we making too big of a deal about it?

Can anything be salvaged of these last 17 games? Can this team find a way to climb out of the abyss they’re in by motivating each other and striving for a common goal or are they just a bunch of strangers? What does making the 8th spot really mean? Is it better to miss the playoffs and get a reality-check instead of a false sense of accomplishment?

Colangelo’s only off-season acquisition to address the toughness and grittiness was Reggie Evans, was it enough? Has Evans lived up to the billing, were fans expecting too much for him and what has held him back from having a major impact.

Has Hedo Turkoglu failed us or have we failed him? Why does nobody talk about Turkoglu being completely out of shape? It’s like the elephant in the room (pardon the pun).

The effort was better in the Portland game, but can this Raptors team build on that or was that just a one-off performance spurred by Bosh’s yelling? Is Bosh a leader? Should we expect leadership from our best player?

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