Raptors Roll Call March 20 vs Nets

It’s the “I wish I didn’t watch this game” edition.

It’s the “I wish I didn’t watch this game” edition.

Banks – Could have used his defense on Harris on the perimeter, in transition, off the ball, on the ball…we just could have used him. At least he got on the boxscore with a tech.

Bargnani – 2TO 3PF in the first half, not much else in the second.

Belinelli – The only thing worse than what we saw would be watching the same game with Belinelli shooting fade-away threes off his left foot.

Bosh – Elite.

Calderon – Meh…you’d figure with his return to the starting lineup, big things would have been coming. All we got was more of the same.

DeRozan – Crashed the boards, but didn’t attack the rim off the dribble. Should be more consistent by this point of the season.

Evans – Shouldn’t ever be on the court, unless it’s a timeout situation, and he’s high fiving Bosh and Bargnani as they head back to the bench.

Jack – Finally had a performance which might suggest he misses his starting job. Got burned by Harris more than Calderon.

Johnson – Committed one of the worst fouls in league history. Seriously had no business playing Jarvis Hayes so closely, but I still rather that than have Evans on the court.

Nesterovic – With Lopez owning the paint, would have been nice to get Rasho some burn, but that would require Triano to make an in-game adjustment.

O’Bryant – Was rocking a serious suit. I appreciate you keeping it classy on the bench, and not dressing like a slob.

Turkoglu – Gives me ulcers, don’t want to talk about him.

Weems – Where are the cries for Weems to start now?

Wright – I felt shame when Yi Jianlin blocked him on that dunk attempt, but he had a solid game. Makes me happy when he plays good.

Driving The Bus: Chris Bosh

Under The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

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