Raptors Roll Call March 24 vs Jazz

It’s the “rock myself to sleep in a fetal position” edition.

It’s the “rock myself to sleep in a fetal position” edition.

Banks – With Calderon and Jack laying big-fat eggs, would have been nice to get a guy in who can play some defense on the perimeter at the point; but Triano felt it necessary to hang Calderon out to dry.

Bargnani – Showed that when he wants to get to the rim, no one can defend him off the dribble but didn’t do enough of it. Not sure why but his act is getting tiring. You know that drive he scored in in the first quarter and everybody clapped. And you know how on the next possession he didn’t box-out Millsap and it led to a three? That’s his game.

Belinelli – When you can’t even get out on the court in garbage time of a blow-out loss, the coach has problems with your game. Can’t say that I blame him.

Bosh – Dropped 20pts 8reb 3ast, but did it quietly. Not much support, but he also didn’t seem into it. Would hope at this point of the season the Franchise would be leaving it on the floor, regardless of what others are doing (or not doing). Could learn a few things from Boozer about using that upper-body muscle when the jumper isn’t falling.

Calderon – D-Will had his way with Jose early, and he never recovered. His inability to defend is just ridiculous. Wasn’t even happy clapping, just brutal. His 0-5 first quarter was great starter material.

DeRozan – Nice baseline dunk in the 1st quarter, errrr….that’s all I got.

Evans – Made his first positive contribution to this team by drawing a charge on Boozer (his 3rd), and followed that up with his best performance as a Raptor. When he’s your best player, you have problems.

Jack – Played like doodoo. 9 shots in 23 minutes on a night where we needed our PGs to get others going. Needs to drop that sense of entitlement.

Johnson – “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” – Mark Twain

Nesterovic – The much anticipated Rasho Nesterovic vs Kosta Koufos battle never happened. Thanks, Jay.

O’Bryant – Ever since we acquired this guy things have gone down the drain.

Turkoglu – 3 shots? It’s almost like he’s trying to hide so nobody talks about him afterwards. Well, it works.

Weems – Tried to make things happen in the 3rd, and looked to be doing it alone. It dawned on me tonight that if he just played a bit more in control, he’d be a solid, consistent, contributor.

Wright – We can all appreciate the fight in him. The guy goes hard, and tries to make things happen. He took a couple liberties on the offensive end (a few of those shots made me murderous) which on this night was hardly a crime, but he does need to ramp up for the playoffs.

Driving The Bus: Antoine Wright

Under The Bus: Amir Johnson

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