Sunday Round-Up

Rounding up what’s going on this Sunday, which is nothing much.


Lack of communication isn’t limited to just the players

Ha. How about that Hedo Turkoglu? He doesn’t want any part of Toronto, well, that makes two of us. To be more precise, that makes every single one of us except phdsteve, who as we speak, is constructing a detailed rebuild plan with Turkoglu as the starting SF and C.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee – May 29

“My attorney settled the dispute and Mr. Colangelo promised me that things would stay between us. The following day, I was fined and did not play against Miami. When the circumstances turned against me, I lost my enthusiasm for this city. “

Kyrie Irving

Beyond the Raptors: New York Knicks

How about we not deal another franchise player to a division rival? I’m supremely confidant that Colangelo is an idiot like Babcock, but I needed to say that out loud.

Kyrie Irving

Beyond the Raptors: The Chicago Bulls

Bosh for Gibson and Hinrich? WTF Happened with Vinny Del Negro, and is Paxson next? Beyond the Raptors continues by talking to Matt McHale about the Bulls.


There’s only one real option on “The List”

All the trades that have been talked about have come in one of two flavors. Either the trade sees us getting someone back who can help us now so that we can continue to build around Calderon, Bargnani and Turkoglu, or it’s about dumping our the big contracts, taking back draft picks, and starting from scratch.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee May 22

What does the list reveal? Bosh clearly wants to play in a big city, though not too near his hometown of Dallas. He would like to win, though if he goes to the New York Knicks with any less of a running mate than James or Wade, that prospect dims considerably.