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Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee May 10

Toronto Sun

Mitchell coached the Raptors for four full seasons and was the NBA coach of the year in 2006-07. He was fired 17 games into the 2008-09 season.

"Sam has been a successful head coach in the league, having been named coach of the year in 2007, and we were very interested in speaking with him," Stefanski said. "It was good to sit down with him to exchange ideas about our team and this opportunity."

The 76ers also have talked to Avery Johnson and Doug Collins. They fired Eddie Jordan last month after the team went 27-55 in his lone season.


Some of the media observers have interpreted these missives as Bosh needing attention, love, and affection.

I think he’s stirring it up, engaging fans, circumventing the media, and creating a great soap opera – all at no cost, thanks to the viral nature of our digital environment. 

This isn’t hard, but it does require that personalities open themselves up, provide some transparency, and actually be willing to face the good and the bad from their audience.  For professionals who enjoy the privacy and physical anonymity offered by a mic and a hunk of glass in a soundproofed room, this is a major leap.

But it is also a way to continue to be a part of a conversation that is rapidly passing them by.  Consumers are finding other media personalities outside of radio to worship, while broadcast owners are wondering whether the ratings they generate are worth the salaries they pay.

At a time when broadcast managers now have to grapple with issues like who owns social media assets, personalities and management teams have a great opportunity to work together to rekindle some of the fan flames that have not been especially hot these past few years. 

Daddy Knows Sports

You, as the go to guy, have lead this team to pretty much nothing.  You show signs of being mentally tough and willing to fight through adversity, then you turn around and promote yourself for the All-Star game and take long periods of time rehabbing injuries.

Toronto likes winners, but more than that, we like tough guys.  We like the Wendel Clarks, the Doug Gilmours, the Pinball Clemons of the world.  We like the guys who play through pain, endure challenges in their lives and take their game to a higher level.

When you didn’t show up for the Raps last few games, even try to show the fans you wanted to play, it told me that at however many hundred million dollars you are being paid, it wold be better if another team gave that to you instead of Toronto.  That way we can start again and find some guys who want to be here and will pay the price to wear the purple dinosaur.

I just can’t get past the bad taste in my mouth that summarizes the Chris Bosh era in Toronto.  I recall a lot about you and very little about the team.

If it’s true CB4 that you want to leave TO, be a man and say it.  At least that way when we boo you, you’ll know why.  We’ll respect you for having the balls to say it, but we’ll still boo you.


Bosh is a talented basketball player and by all accounts he’s a decent, straight up guy. But these cries for attention through YouTube and Twitter and Video are really pathetic.
Basketball fans respect Chris Bosh as a pretty good basketball player, but he certainly is not a marketable brand that anyone over the age of fifteen cares about. It’s that simple.
My advice to Mr. Bosh is to sit down with your agent and your family and carefully weigh the career and contract options that will be presented to you in the upcoming months. You are a lock to get paid $130 million over the next six years.
So please, no more tweets about what you should do. We know our opinions won’t sway you either way – so don’t ask.
Then focus on being the best damn basketball player you can be. And if you elevate your game, then you may finally get the same level of respect and adulation that LeBron, Kobe, Dwight, KG and D-Wade receive.

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