This week on The Doctor is In, ESPN TrueHoop Editor, Kevin Arnovitz, drops by to talk about the NBA playoffs, free agency, the Raptors need for improved defense, Chris Bosh’s impact (if any) and all things NBA. In draft related news, the big board remains unchanged this week in spite of the May 8th deadline for underclassman to withdraw from the draft passing. Click here for a full list of who’s in and who’s out.


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Topics of discussion:

  • NBA Playoffs – since second-tier teams haven’t been able to challenge in the playoffs, will this mean more player movement this summer?
  • Clipper’s interest in LeBron and their existing core.
  • Carlos Boozer’s basketball IQ and free-agent worth. Is he deserving of max-money?
  • Can the Raptors change their defensive ways much like the Suns? Kevin Arnovitz talks about the impact of having Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon at the same time. Chris Bosh being one of our best defenders says something about our overall defensive make-up.
  • Can good defensive teams be sculpted based on average defensive players?
  • Is there a market for Hedo Turkoglu? The difficulties posted by the CBA in moving a contract like his.
  • Chris Bosh possible destinations – is the dirty work Joakim Noah does and an All-Star caliber PG like Derrick Rose make Chicago the best destination for Bosh? Is Bosh being on the move necessarily a bad thing? What do we have to lose?
  • More..

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