PJ Carlesimo added to staff, hopefully he’s better than Iavaroni + Draft Workouts

We got a new coach (assistant kind) and some quotables.

Some workout recaps:

Avery Bradley:

– Lots of workouts to be held with Willie Warren because he’s a similar type guard.
– It’s his third workout after Boston and Detroit.
– Compared to Russell Westbrook more than Rajan Rondo.
– Watched a lot of Westbrook.
– Needs to work on his shooting, that’s the main thing. Ball-handling needs work too but shooting’s the main thing.
– Acknowledges that he needs to work very hard.
– Sees the NBA being suited to his game because there’s more space and in the NBA the defenses don’t stack up against you as in college.
– Will follow in the footsteps of two guards who have had to convert their game to ones at the NBA level.
– The Turkoglu stuff doesn’t impact anything.

Gordon Hawyward

– Was his first workout.
– Raptors wanted to test his shooting out.
– Lots of defensive drills, got the idea that the Raptors were testing his defense.
– Feels confident about his defensive ability.

They also worked out Connecticut big man Stanley Robinson and Oklahoma guard Willie Warren.

Read more: http://sports.nationalpost.com/2010/05/31/butler-hero-hayward-visits-toronto-for-raptors-first-draft-workout/#ixzz0pY5ty8Yz

Jim Kelly says:

“Bradley’s a guard, depending on what team he goes with,” Jim Kelly, the Raptors’ senior director of scouting, said. “He shows some point skills. He has very good defensive skills. His shot probably wasn’t as consistent this year as it was in high school. But I think he’s a good all-around guard player.”

As for Robinson: “That’s a powerhouse of a forward,” Kelly said. “Long arms, he jumps to the moon, he attacks anything around the rim. I don’t know if you saw at the beginning of the workout, but he got a ball near the rim. He just flushes it home. That’s the kind of talent — you need one or two players like that on the team. We have Sonny [Weems], we have DeMar [DeRozan]. You can never have too many of those players.”

P.J Carlesimo will also be joining the coaching staff, this likely means that one of Alex English, Micah Nori or Eric Hughes see the exit door. It’s an underwhelming bit of news but seeing how Triano’s coaching has been highly suspect to say the least, adding some legitimate NBA experience to the sidelines can only be a good thing. After all, English hasn’t been a head coach, Hughes is a no-name, last year was Alvin’s first year as an assistant’s assistant, and who the hell even knows Micah Nori?

Welcome P.J.

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