It’s official. Listen to Steve’s podcast about possible sign-and-trade returns. We don’t know yet whether we lost him for nothing or if we’ll get anything in return but reports are that the Raptors are not interested in a deal. Bosh talked a lot about blah blah blah…frankly, I don’t care since he’s not a Raptors player anymore. Miami can best offer us Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers and a massive trade exception, which I find hard to believe can’t be useful. There’s a lot of debate over whether Beasley can be good for us, but I certainly know that Chalmers can be useful as a backup PG.

As I’m watching ESPN right now, they’re talking about LeBron, Miami, Bosh and what not. There’s no mention of the Raptors anywhere, the only time our name came up is when Bosh said Toronto is like a “second home” to him.

It comes down to this whether Colangelo feels that Beasley, Chalmers and TPE is actually worth something. Colangelo isn’t fickle enough to not do a S&T just to teach Bosh a “lesson”, because I’m not even sure what that lesson could be. ESPN’s latest report, according to Wilbon at 12:51PM, is that the Raptors have no interest in a sign-and-trade. This could be a huge mistake because Beasley is an undeniably talented player, and if he’s not worth something to us, he could be worth something to someone else. If he walks for nothing, the Raptors will only have about 1-2M in cap space.

My feelings on Bosh: I thought I would feel this loss more and miss having a pretty good player, but when I look at the last 7 years, they’ve been terrible. Two playoff appearances and three games won, all that in a pretty weak Eastern conference. What’s to miss? Nothing much. Looking forward to yet another rebuild, hopefully this time we get it right and don’t back the wrong horse.

Anyway, more to come. Obviously.

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