Raptors get David Andersen from Houston for 2nd rounder

As a Raptors website, it is obligatory for us to report a signing or trade. So here it is, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, the Raptors have traded a second round pick for David Andersen.

As a Raptors website, it is obligatory for us to report a signing or trade. So here it is, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, the Raptors have traded a second round pick for David Andersen.

This is what Daryl Morey said about him when he acquired him from the Hawks last year:

“David has been a winner with every team he has played for in Europe,” says Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey. “He is a very well-rounded player who possesses good offensive skills and a very good shooting touch for a big man. David is a versatile post player who should fit well in Coach (Rick) Adelman’s system.”

Morey did him a favor because after being drafted by the Hawks in 2002 they let him rot in the Australian heat, presumably in a chain gang which prompted our man Andersen to vent:

“I just wish they would give me a straight answer either way. Every year it’s the same thing. If they want me, great, but if not, I would like to go play somewhere else. I can’t force the tender and go play on a non-guaranteed minimum contract, but I don’t think I’m asking for crazy money either.”

After playing with CSKA Moscow and Barcelona for a few seasons, Morey did him a solid by bring him over, but so far his stats indicate that he’s nothing but a poor man’s Bargnani or a saner version of Primoz Brezec.

Let’s not sell him short though, because here’s a DX review from the CSKA v Barcelona game from last year’s Euroleague Final Four:

Andersen scored 24 points in 34 minutes, going 6/6 inside the arc and 3/6 from outside, to go along with 4 rebounds and 2 assists. Andersen, who we’ve believed is a sure-fire NBA rotation player for a number of years now, put his entire offensive arsenal on display, scoring on tough post-up moves inside the paint, some beautiful turnaround jumpers, by attacking the basket from the perimeter, making a handful of 3-pointers, finishing pick and rolls, and converting on pick and pop plays. It was a very impressive display.

Andersen is Australian so there’s an outside chance he can live up to the high standards set by Nathan Jawai. We went from almost having Tyson Chandler to this mate.

Reasons for this trade by Malefax:

This deal was probably driven by Morey more than Colangelo. You’ll notice the Rockets are paying Toronto cash, not the other way around. Morey wants to get rid of Anderson because the Rockets are in the luxury tax. It therefore saves the team money to get rid of him and pay the other team money equal to his salary. The pick is not very valuable, to say the least, and is only included because the Raptors need to give up something.

Colangelo made the trade because:
A backup centre will be handy
A live body is in some ways more useful than a trade exception, because anderson’s contract isn’t onerous and can be combined with other deals.

RR has acquired the transcript of the telephone call between Colangelo and Morey:

BC calls Morey **ring ring**

Morey: Hello?

BC: It’s Bryan from Toronto, how did the Chris Bosh wooing work out?

Morey: **** him. What you been upto?

BC: Nothing, just inquiring about Andersen.

Morey: Who?

BC: David Andersen?

Morey: Don’t know him.

BC: He’s on your team, David Andersen, the Aussie guy?

Morey: Oooohhh, Daaaavid Anderson…yeah, yeah…he’s really good..Andersen, want him?

BC: Yeah, what do you want for him?

Morey: DeMar Derozan.

BC: Let me think about it, can you hang on?

Morey: Yeah **chuckles, can’t believe this is happening**

BC: (talking to Steve Fruitman – barely audible)

BC: (back on the phone with Morey now) Aaah!!! You sneaky bastard! You almost had me, lucky I had Steve hanging around.

Morey: Just thought I’d try it, you know, what with your reputation and all… understand, right?

BC: Yeah, yeah…whateva…seriously what do you want for him?

Morey: Nothing, you can have him.

BC: (can’t believe his luck) Really?

Morey: Yeah, take him, I don’t even know what he looks like.

BC: OK, OK, but I feel bad, please take a second-round pick at least, it’ll make me feel better?

Morey: Whatever…lates.

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