Who Will Be the Raptors Top 3 Scorers Next Season?

Who do you guys think will be leading this team in scoring next season? Most think Bargnani will, but Kleiza and DeMar are high on people’s list too. Perhaps Weems could break through with a big season and let’s not forget about Barbosa who’s proven to be a more than capable scorer during this tenure… Read more »


The NBA Won’t Allow the Raptors to Market the YGZ®

Well for fans that were hoping the “Young Gunz” brand to stick, it won’t be happening. I mean, amongst us the fans it will of course, but the league won’t allow the Raptors to market the Young Gunz (aka YGZ®) in general.


Sonny Weems interview analysis

If Sonny Weems gave an interview during the regular season we’d take a glance at it and five seconds later the browser tab would’ve been closed. But, it’s the summer and quotes more than 140 characters are extremely rare, so we’ll parlay that it into a post for this Sunday.