Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Sept 28

Every team that calls wants to ask about Andrea. Is he available? They smell blood in the water. They read articles about how bad he is. I’m telling you, from a standpoint of value, it’s definitely there.


Rapcast #88: Raptors Media Day

The player’s are talking and we’re reading between the lines trying to figure out just what exactly we have here. A team on the rise or one destined for spectacular failure, nobody knows for sure, but at least we got Ryan McNeill from Hoops Addict informing us about what was notable (and surprising) on Media Day.


Dorsey Could Be the Odd Man Out

So, with Colangelo looking at other options up front, if the Raps do bring someone new on come the start of the season (in this case Earl Barron), it would appear as though Dorsey’s non-fully guaranteed contract would leave him as the odd man out.


Triano: Bosh Was Never a Leader for Toronto

Ball Don’t Lie article via the Sun Sentinel where Triano tells us that Bosh always did a great job pumping up his stats, but didn’t take the leadership role into the locker room. Would you agree or disagree?


Hollinger’s Raptors Outlook

Here’s John Hollinger’s preview of the Raptors. Hollinger goes on the say that our biggest strength is shooting and our biggest weakness is frontcourt defense. No surprises there.


Ewing Theory

Do fans think the “Ewing Theory” would apply to Chris Bosh’s career here in Toronto? The theory claims that when a longtime superstar who receives an inordinate amount of media attention and fan interest has never won a championship leaves the team via injury, trade, or free agency, and the media writes the team off,… Read more »


High player turnover does not matter

Any time last year’s team encountered a bump along the road, a defense was waiting to be applied – nine new players. This year we’ve got six, but it really doesn’t matter.