Kyrie Irving

Raptors Republic Game Preview: Raptors vs. Cavaliers

OK guys and gals, tomorrow night we take on the other team which all of the NBA have already written off in the Cavaliers. But based on their performance the other night versus Beantown, this isn’t going to be a cake walk for the Raptors. Antawn is coming off the bench and apparently isn’t happy…. Read more »

Kyrie Irving

How Will The Raptors Do In The 2010-11 Regular Season?

So, one game down and eventhough the effort was there, we unfortunately fell short. Something that I think most Raptors fans will have to learn to accept this season. That being said, based on the first 9 games (including the 8 preseason ones) have your opinions on how the Raptors will do this season changed?… Read more »

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Hate to lose a winnable game

Chalking up 25 wins is going to be hard but if it’s possible, it’ll only happen if the Raptors figure out how to beat the “bad” teams. The Knicks aren’t world-beaters, and as visitors to the ACC last night they were an opponent ripe enough for the Raptors to devour with a great crowd behind them.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Oct 28

When it was over, somebody asked Jose Calderon if his team missed Chris Bosh. The usually gregarious Spanish point stared straight through the questioner and said “Who?” — cold as winter.