The Right Reasons to Start Jerryd Bayless

I’ve never been a firm believer in starter versus reserve controversies. When TJ Ford and Jose Calderon battled for point guard supremacy here in Toronto, I wrote about it because I felt obligated, not because I truly cared. I understand that, to players and some fans, starting is of the utmost importance; you are first string, you are the team’s representative at that position, you are, for lack of anything more clever, the starter.


Statophile, Volume 4

Was Bosh holding back Bargnani’s game? Can someone be nicknamed “Money” when they’re this cold? How has Bayless performed so far?


Do We Need a New Head Coach?

Well, a couple consecutive losses and some fans are again calling for Triano’s head. Some questionable moves (or lack there of) of recent that aren’t sitting well with some fans leading them to want change. So, are we jumping to conclusions again too soon by calling for a change at the head coaching spot, or… Read more »


Hawks carve up Reggie-less Raps

The Hawks have been the Raptors’ nemesis the last few years, and this game provided further evidence that athletic teams are just too much for Brian Colangelo’s defensively-challenged outfits.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Nov 29

Over the final 10:27 of the third quarter, they managed to make just one field goal, five free throws, and committed six turnovers. Offensive execution is not so easy as it seems.


Gameday: Raptors vs Hawks – Nov. 28/10

Today’s game has the potential to be a rough one for the Raptors. You remember them right? They’ve hurt us like that a couple times, wasn’t just a one-time thing. I checked in with Bret LaGree from Hoopinion about the Hawks and today’s matchup: It seems as though all the Hawks wins have come against… Read more »


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Nov 27

“A lot of young cats,” Shaquille O’Neal said, “disrespect the legends out there. Amir scored and he had a good game last time so he was actually talking like he was a player and Kevin took that personal as he should.”


Raptors Suffer Honorable Defeat in Boston

This wasn’t a humiliation of epic proportions, and that’s a good enough starting point when talking about the Raptors in Boston. As a Raptors fan you walked away from this game knowing that the overall effort was good, the team made a proper stand, and if it weren’t for two stretches where the Raptors shot themselves in the foot, things might have turned out differently, or at least the finish would have been tighter.