Kyrie Irving

Anyone Else Worried About DeRozan for the Future?

What do you guys think? Some aren’t seeing growth and development or at least not fast enough. While others think this raw talent and youth lead them to believe the best is yet to come for DeMar. What are your thoughts on DeRozan?

Kyrie Irving

Breaking It Down: Three plays that make you go ugh

Raps started out on an 8-0 run. GSW called a timeout, and that was the end of it. The run following GSW’s timeout put them in control of the game and they never looked back. Here are three plays from that run focusing on the Raptors’ defense (or lack thereof).


Soft Raptors Repeatedly Climb Close, Fall Again

After watching the Raptors get outplayed by a tired Golden State Warriors team on the back end of a road back-to-back, I’m left only with a truth I knew to be so before this game, and even before this season, started. The Raptors are not a very good basketball team right now, and they are going to struggle to beat any team on any given night.