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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs 76ers Nov 17

The “beautiful game turned ugly” edition.

The “beautiful game turned ugly” edition:

Andersen: good production in limited minutes. Kind of like Crocodile Dundee.


Barbosa: anybody been to any bars in Yorkville lately??  Just asking.

Bargnani: early on he made Hawes swear off calzone for life. Lately that would be enough and Andrea would cocoon. Tonight, though, he kept his foot on the gas, continued to drive the lane, demanded the ball and kept active. A stellar night from our main attraction.

Calderon: 12 8 and 5 from a guy that most of us continually write off as zombie like and having lost a step. Face it, he’ll never match his past (um) glory, but if he keeps his play up to this standard, he’ll hear his name in the starting lineup again.

Davis: Geno’s.

DeRozan: I tweeted during the preseason that Turner will be a better NBA player than DeRozan ever will be. After tonight, I feel vindicated. DeMar is the type of player who will aspire but will never attain. Plain and simple. He was exposed and held down tonight and should be embarrassed.

Dorsey: stayed on the bench and rightfully so. He needs a cage built around him.

Evans: coming back to his former home, Evans was packing the heat and a smile to match. 14 boards, the rallying cry of a banshee, and a knowing look toward the Sixers bench after every made free throw. Classic.

Jack: he reminds you of that guy at Christmas you almost feel forced to buy a gift for even though you know he is not deserving of your time or money. Well, Jack currently isn’t deserving of the starters role and should be removed immediately. Another sub-par performance tonight after leaving his heart in Miami on the weekend.

Johnson: I’m convinced he is Yogi Stewart redux. Big contract paid out on minimal talent that is being relegated to a towel waver on most nights due to poor decisions. FreeAmir my ass.

Kleiza: anytime you are a visitor and you have people cheering you IN PHILADELPHIA, well, you know you’ve done some good on this earth. While he had a horrible shooting night, he was all over the floor like a Roomba and making the Sixers think there were bedbugs in the building.

Weems: a man reborn lately, he continued on his tear tonight. DeMar needs to spoon with him on the return flight in hopes of whatever Sonny is bathing in, it rubs off on him. Another career night for a man who is becoming quite the commodity in fantasy leagues.

Wright: Dead. Weight.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Jarrett Jack

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