Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Rockets Nov 19

The “soo soooo quiet” edition.

The “soo soooo quiet” edition:

Andersen: started the game with the “hey, these are the bastards that gave up on me” chip on his shoulder, but tailed off as his minutes dragged on. Even gave us a little taste of an Hakeem-like shimmy.

Banks: DNP-UT

Barbosa: well, at least we know he’s alive.

Bargnani: another game where he played with silent purpose. He showed the Rockets a few different looks and, once again, shied away from living on the perimeter. He is going to start making people re-consider their AllStar picks pretty soon.

Calderon: Jose was like a master surgeon in the second half. Not sure if he hoovered down some polvorones with his Gatorade at halftime, but his ability to get his teammates the ball in good situations was a step above. If the decision to start was put to the people, Jose would wake up tomorrow with a nice desk and a sizable office with a view.

Davis: the view from his hotel room next week…. Eriesky2

DeRozan: played heavy minutes tonight but didn’t look too much worse for wear. Did a fair job on the defensive end and turned a poor shooting night into one that he produced by getting to the line. It took Bosh a while to understand that he can help himself and his team by getting to the stripe…DD needs to realize it too.

Dorsey: about as valuable as a stripped screw.

Evans: pretty quiet night for Big E. In addition, he just looked out of sorts. Didn’t show that same revved up spirit or sustained hustle. Strange. Maybe it was the headband.

Jack: it’s like he’s challenging Triano or Colangelo to make a decision. He distributed well tonight, but any further compliments would just be a lie.

Johnson: a big block, some effort on the glass and only 2 fouls in 27 minutes. He had as good a night as Liston would have at Stats Night at the Playboy Mansion.

Kleiza: if his mug isn’t on the 2011 version of a basketball video game, it’s a sin. Whenever you see him straight on, I wait for him to reach down and pull a couple of sawed-offs from his waistband. On the court, this man is Doug Christie like….without the 3s and the psycho wife.

Weems: chock-full-of-shots hit yet another 3 tonight, proved that we don’t always have to slap our foreheads when he shoots, and probably scored a date with that blonde by the Houston bench. I hate him.

Wright: a great defender….of the stack of towels behind the bench.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: nobody, but since I have to pick…Jarrett Jack

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