Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Knicks Dec 5

The “I thought the Knicks sucked” edition.

The “I thought the Knicks sucked” edition:

Alabi: esss oohhhh esss

Barbosa: if you are sitting as you read this, please do me a favour: lift your right foot about a 2 feet off the ground. Now, let it drop. Hear that thud? That was the sound heard at ACC today as Leandro came back down to earth.

Bargnani: The friendly giant didn’t eat his mid-morning meal I guess. Brutal shooting performance and except for a few flashes he didn’t offset it with good defence. Started the game in a funk and, like a dog with a pull toy, tried to shake it but it never left him.

Bayless: Jack is stinking it up big time in N’awlins. Jerryd is looking like everything that was hoped of him is coming to fruition faster than I can down an egg McMuffin. 23/7/6 from a guy that many tagged as a possible flame out? That’s impressive stuff, especially given how poorly we played today.

Calderon: he was like Cesar Millan out there, trying to will his pack to play better. They weren’t having it, though. Like Bayless, he seemed to create something out of nothing which, last season, probably would have caused him to dry heave.

Davis: Like his teammates, he was U-G-L-Y from the stripe today. Continued to impress on the glass but I’m surprised his leaping ability is coming up empty in the block department. Still, a welcome little burst off the bench.

DeRozan: is it just me or are his eyes open wider lately? Seriously. He almost had a droopy TMac look for a while, but these past few games he seems…alert. Didn’t translate into a whole lot today, but his defensive effort bought him some additional floor time. Good to see.

Dorsey: 2minutes of pure thrill and excitement. For his family.

Evans: Micah Nori can finally beat him at Dance Dance Revolution.

Johnson: somewhere Liston is humping a tree and calling it Amir. Best game of his life and it seemed to come out of nowhere. It’s like he had lasers in his eyes to track the ball down. Amazing game.

Kleiza: We had steak tonight. I tenderized the meat with mallet. Imagine what I named my steak. Go ahead. Try it.

Stojakovic: swollen knee again? Why not just stick some of that gum he gnaws on to the back of the knee and see if it has any healing powers? Wintermint would probably do the trick.

Weems: Sonny’s game reminds me of a grade school Christmas concert. You go there expecting to be blown away and you leave with the realization that, well, the kid sucks at certain things.

Wright: well, at least now we know his tearaways actually tearaway.

Driving The Bus: Amir Johnson

Under The Bus: Linas Kleiza

Game Theme  (** NSFW **):

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