The “most expensive M*A*S*H* episode ever” edition:


Barbosa: a solid second half. Problem is that with the lineup we had tonight, he had to be our Rudolph. First half he played more like Prancer.

Bargnani: out of the lineup and wearing pants that looked to be from 1984.

Bayless: many seemed worried that Rose would make him look like Jim Carrey in a serious role, but JB carried his own. Granted Rose is banged up, but the kid made him work on both ends of the floor and held his own. The fact he was driving Thibodeau nuts in the first quarter that he was calling timeouts at a RapsFan pace was nice.

Calderon: you better be biting your nails, pal. That and making sure your working visa is in good standing order.

Davis: his first start and it showed. Being thrown in against the frontline of Chicago is like being tossed into a whirlpool and told to swim for the first time. Still, coming out with a garbage time assisted double double is good for the ego, but not many clips will make it to his highlight reel.

DeRozan: in all fairness, we were outplayed and outclassed tonight, so I can’t really tear DD a new one. But, seriously, as one of the poster boys for this team, when you know your guys are in need of a spark, you have to produce something better than a 4/12 and a pisspoor defensive effort.

Dorsey: Superboy brought his A game tonight knowing he’d have extended minutes. An impressive 12/13 in 27, Joey always seems to raise his game against bigger men. His hustle seemed to be infectious in the second half. Good stuff

Evans: with a tie like that, it’s a good thing he doesn’t walk the streets of Spain.

Johnson: back to his quick 2 foul routine, and it messed with his rhythm. ( he has some). Insert the usual “he can only benefit us when…” line here. Frustrating especially when you factor in the abuse he is giving our salary figure.

Kleiza: outside of being on the receiving end of an impressive Sonny fastbreak, Kleiza contributed as much as a nun at an adultery convention.

Stojakovic: who will be back banging bodies first: Peja or Larry King?

Weems: as mentioned, a sweet fastbreak leading to a nice dish to Linas for an easy 2 when we were “coming back”. Then he followed that with two boneheaded offensive plays. He’s just an immature player that doesn’t deserve as many minutes as he is getting. Truth.

Wright: Jay was forced to use him and Julian stepped up. A nice effort and another contributor versus the Bulls bench in the second half to make it a game. Show him around a bit and he could be a nice trade chip with Peja.

Driving The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Under The Bus: Amir Johnson

Game Theme:

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  • WhatWhat

    Meh @ the whole game.

  • c_bcm

    HAHA. EVeryone wanted Jay to tighten up the rotation. Well here you go.

  • JamesJ

    If the Raps get rid of Wright, they lose the only 3 in their squad that can play D on a consistent basis. Weems and Kleiza are just nail-on-a-chalkboard bad on too many nights and only good in a handful.

  • Daniel

    How much should the Raptors charge to watch a Summer League team? All the tankers should back-up their words and go to games. There is no way the ownership would allow the product we have now on the floor for long.

    • Nilanka15

      1. Tanking is not part of the vocabulary. Playing the kids to develop their game is a far better description.

      2. It’s not the responsibility of the fans to make sure the seats are filled. It’s up to Colangelo to provide a winning product on the floor to draw fans. And unfortunately, it’s his fault we’re now in full rebuild mode (making the decision to build around Bosh was his crime). Colangelo and MLSE will have to bare the pain of empty seats until they bring us back to respectability. Until then, the fans have every right to stay home…even the fans who are proponents of playing the kids heavy minutes.

  • Arsenalist

    Very much to be expected. No Bargnani = No double team threat. Going up against #3 ranked defense things were going to be tough unless the Young Gunz Yo stepped up but that didn’t happen. Game over. Thanks to Bayless for providing some highlights and thanks to Matt Devlin for referring to Ed Davis as Brandon Davis. Classic.

  • Buschfire

    I would’ve put Sonny Weems under the Bus. with Amir and Demar a close second…

  • mountio

    No bargs, so accorinding to the haters, we should expect to see…
    Amir and others production just increasing based on minutes/touches, because there is no difference between being the first option and cleaning up for the first option (who was likely double teamed)…?
    defense improved .. ?
    rebounding improved ..?
    We should for sure trade Bargs for a 10 and 8 guy who can play D. Looks like Joey Dorsey’s stat line tonight … how helpful was that?

    • Hardcore Raps

      well lets see..

      Amir’s minutes didn’t improve because of foul trouble…. leaving 2 bigs to play the majority of the game both of which are pfs, and both of which are pretty much rookies against an extremely dominate front line of Boozer and Noah (I won’t even get into the 1 game sample size you are using)

      honestly… this game says nothing about whether this team would be better or worse defensively without Bargnani.

    • Nilanka15

      You’re assuming that the “haters” are suggesting that Bargnani is the ONLY problem with this team, which is simply not the case. Bargnani is the only SURE problem with this team so far. Eventually, time will tell whether Amir, DeRozan, Weems, etc. should be added to this list.

  • peacedawg

    Weems and DD remind me of Moon and Joey G respectively. At what point does the coach cut and run? I really wanted to see Alabi today..down by almost 30..what was the wait? Garbage time?

    • KJ-B

      You guyz still don’t get it– “No Money” Weems is an imposter, DeRozan is a balla–DeMar’s bad games have now become Sonny’s ceiling…

      • Nilanka15

        I dunno man, it’s hard to be impressed with either one right now. They’re both giving us nothing…and doing so on a consistent basis 😐

  • Bearvon

    Wow. Great roll call. The Peja line was classic Altraps.

    League pass mobile sucks. Right when the game started I was in a car trying to make sense of the blurred screen and saw boozer score w ease on the first play and automatically wanted to blame bargs. Then it cut out so I had to check the boxscore and saw he wasn’t playing.

    Now I can blame bargs for losing me 25 dollars because he screwed the line I bet.

  • Zow

    More PING PONG BALLS!!!!!!

  • FAQ

    What you see is what you got… unless BC decides to blow up the Ratpors again… ya think??!!!

  • After grinding the Raptors offense to a halt with Bayless’ inability to do anything resembling running the offense, you really think that Calderon should be looking over his shoulder? I’d say this game reinforced just how valuable Calderon is to this team. Bayless has been a surprise, but he’s not a PG and the development of the other players requires a PG who can get them the ball.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      I agree – Bayless could be a good future option in some part of the line-up, but right now, Jose is olé.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    I PVRd this game, and in hindsight, that wasn’t a good call.

    Raptor facts:
    Youngest starting line-up in Toronto history
    118 combined Starts for the Opening line-up tonight.
    With the exception of the 1st Quarter, where Chicago was not quite in sync, Raptor offense was horrible. Defense was not much better. In Game thread at RapHQ, one would’ve thought Toronto played better defense with Bargnani not out there. Not quite sure what game those particular fans were watching, but this was a Bench team vs. a No. 3 Eastern team.
    Ed Davis got a chance to show his stuff, and seemed respectable out there. Still raw, but definitely a Keeper. Amir got a taste of what it’s like to be counted on for Offense – with a shiny 2 spot to go along with his 3 rebounds and a 1-6 shooting night. Without Bargs, the pressure was on him. Not ready for Prime time (ie. #1 Option), but I’m sure he’ll battle back. As for Bayless, he may have scored 20, but he only had 4 assists – not enough for PG quality. Of course, low assists can also be a function of low Offense. 4th Quarter was garbage time – as were any stat numbers derived from that period. Besides Deng, the last quarter was all Bench material from Chicago.

    • The defense was better. Not great, but better. Chicago is just a very good team, and when Amir went to the bench, Dorsey was the only big, and he’s not very good defensively.

      ON a side note, this new comment system sucks. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, and it doesn’t remember any of my details. So I have to type it in every time.

      • hateslosing

        The help defense from our bigs was better, but the post defense was far worse without Andre’s bulk and the perimeter defense continued to suck. Ed (215) and Amir (210) are both too light to guard a guy like Boozer (266) and it hurt us tonight. I was hoping that maybe Ed could use his length to bother Boozer and maybe we wouldn’t miss Andrea from that perspective but I was wrong.
        I’ll admit I was curious to see how Ed and Amir would play as the starting front court. I always think of Horford and Smith when I look at them: neither big enough to be a true five but they make up for it by shot blocking and rebounding. I still think they will be that sort of tandem in the future (if we go that route), but this game shows we are a long way off that.

        • Hardcore Raps

          there is no doubt Andrea size was missed especially with Amir having to sit (and Evans being out). But there is a difference between playing bad defensively because you are short on bodies (and high on inexperience) and playing bad defense when you have all your players.

          I’d also like to add they were playing an extremely talented Bulls team. Rose, Noah, Boozer and Deng… thats not chump change. Giving up buckets to those guys is a lot more palatable than giving up buckets to Nazr Mohammed and Kwame Brown.

          • hateslosing

            The Bulls are definitely strong and I didn’t expect us to beat them, especially when we are missing three of our starters. I was actually impressed with our play in the first quarter, we kept it close against a team that was better than us at every position.

            This team is bad defensively, with or without Andrea and Jose. There are maybe two guys on the whole team who have really good defensive instincts, and one of those two is a Rookie (Davis) while Triano seems to forget the other exists (Wright). No one else, Amir Johnson included, has ever shown the ability to play defense at a high level. Andrea is a part of this problem, but so are guys like Weems and Klieza who, despite being older and more physically developed than a guy like DD, are pylons for opposing wings. There has been an error made somewhere down the line in the coaching and team building philosophy of this team because our guys are athletic and there is no reason for them to get abused like they do.

            • Hardcore Raps

              I agree Bargs isn’t the only bad defender. I don’t think anyone ever has. But he plays the most crucial position there is on D, and rebounding, and he just doesn’t provide there.

              Perimeter players are going to get beat… its life in the NBA. Some are definetely better than others, but even the greatest defenders get blown by, get shot over etc. But Bargs is the last line of defense. And he doesn’t have to stop them… just try to. But he consistently doesn’t try to… and thats the problem.

        • pran

          that’s why we get get marc this summer *fingers crossed

          • hateslosing

            Marc Gasol would be awesome but I don’t see us getting him. If Memphis is stupid enough not to resign him he’ll be getting huge offers from teams looking for the last piece on their contender. OKC for example would love him

  • GuestFanNotAmused

    Match-key tonight: the poor defence of Bargs and Calderon. Both weren’t able to stop Chicagos strong offense. Bargs had NO ONE rebound, Jose no assists tonight.
    Trade both.

    • knickz

      thats some funny shit

  • St. Vincent

    After a game like this, I suppose we are just allowed to make some first obvious considerations:

    – at last, we get the pleasure of playing a team without the 2 horrible euro-pussies (Jose-Andrea) and see how the Raps look like, enjoying that famous strong afro-american ball: not bad!
    – how about the rebounds and hustle domination?
    – since the 2 main euro-pussies aren’t there, tonight, maybe someone will want to aim the finger to Kleiza as the real shameful responsible for the bad show
    – when a player just kicked out by two team allows himself to go out after the Bulls game and say “It’s embarrassing. I don’t like it. I’m not used to it and I’m not going to stand for it”, it really gets exciting in terms of satirical comics. Moreover, look at his plus/minus stats!
    – Tim W., you auto referential omni-present being, why don’t you buy Amir Johnson by your own, and put him on a shelf in your living room, so you can rave 24/7 on his greatness and the big sin they commit not giving him the keys of the locker room, so he can make some order in this mess?

    • GuestFanNotAmused

      “enjoying that famous strong afro-american ball: not bad!”


      Sincerely, an Euro-Pussy

    • Nilanka15

      Do we really have to make this an ethnic issue again?

    • St. Vincent,

      What the f$*k are you talking about? Besides your comment coming completely out of nowhere, I’m pretty sure you’ve mixed me up with Buddahfan. Are you one of those guys that has conversations in his heads and then confuses everyone because you think they really happened? Because your entire comment seems that way.