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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Bulls Dec 15

The “most expensive M*A*S*H* episode ever” edition.

The “most expensive M*A*S*H* episode ever” edition:


Barbosa: a solid second half. Problem is that with the lineup we had tonight, he had to be our Rudolph. First half he played more like Prancer.

Bargnani: out of the lineup and wearing pants that looked to be from 1984.

Bayless: many seemed worried that Rose would make him look like Jim Carrey in a serious role, but JB carried his own. Granted Rose is banged up, but the kid made him work on both ends of the floor and held his own. The fact he was driving Thibodeau nuts in the first quarter that he was calling timeouts at a RapsFan pace was nice.

Calderon: you better be biting your nails, pal. That and making sure your working visa is in good standing order.

Davis: his first start and it showed. Being thrown in against the frontline of Chicago is like being tossed into a whirlpool and told to swim for the first time. Still, coming out with a garbage time assisted double double is good for the ego, but not many clips will make it to his highlight reel.

DeRozan: in all fairness, we were outplayed and outclassed tonight, so I can’t really tear DD a new one. But, seriously, as one of the poster boys for this team, when you know your guys are in need of a spark, you have to produce something better than a 4/12 and a pisspoor defensive effort.

Dorsey: Superboy brought his A game tonight knowing he’d have extended minutes. An impressive 12/13 in 27, Joey always seems to raise his game against bigger men. His hustle seemed to be infectious in the second half. Good stuff

Evans: with a tie like that, it’s a good thing he doesn’t walk the streets of Spain.

Johnson: back to his quick 2 foul routine, and it messed with his rhythm. ( he has some). Insert the usual “he can only benefit us when…” line here. Frustrating especially when you factor in the abuse he is giving our salary figure.

Kleiza: outside of being on the receiving end of an impressive Sonny fastbreak, Kleiza contributed as much as a nun at an adultery convention.

Stojakovic: who will be back banging bodies first: Peja or Larry King?

Weems: as mentioned, a sweet fastbreak leading to a nice dish to Linas for an easy 2 when we were “coming back”. Then he followed that with two boneheaded offensive plays. He’s just an immature player that doesn’t deserve as many minutes as he is getting. Truth.

Wright: Jay was forced to use him and Julian stepped up. A nice effort and another contributor versus the Bulls bench in the second half to make it a game. Show him around a bit and he could be a nice trade chip with Peja.

Driving The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Under The Bus: Amir Johnson

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