Kyrie Irving

Raptors fight, fall short against Lakers

With Andrea Bargnani out, that was about as close as this Raptors team could have played the Lakers. The Raptors rose to the occasion in the first quarter, bent but didn’t completely break in the second, mounted a challenge in the third, and ran out of gas in the face of experience in the fourth.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Dec 19

As much as we all enjoyed watching Jerryd Bayless attack the basket with impunity in Calderon’s absence, this team needs a veteran directing its offence to be most effective.

Kyrie Irving

Gameday: Raptors vs 81

Filling in for Sam for the next couple weeks because some travel agent convinced him that now would be a great time to visit Europe, what with the snow and all. I advised him against it but he wouldn’t listen, so right now he’s sitting on a freezing plane at Heathrow using some guy’s trousers as a blanket. We on the other hand, get to see Kobe.