The “inspired” edition:

Alabi: he was as likely to enter this game as I am the Playboy Mansion.

Barbosa: if you believe the talking heads, he is being held together by spit, string, and some Juicy Fruit. He still brought his B game and that was enough to bridge any gap left by the rest of the St. Elsewhere staff.

Bargnani: probably the best game he has ever played against Dirk.

Bayless: looked high strung for most of the game and then his ankle decided it didn’t want to play with the cool kids anymore. His shots weren’t falling and he suffered from Jose-itis in that the drive was there for him all night, but he didn’t want to seem to take it.

Calderon: decided if all the big boys were sitting, damn it, he was too.

Davis: ladies and gentlemen, your future. There were times tonight where I was flashing back to the Vince and TMac days and remembering what it felt like to really be excited about our future. Ed’s game tonight and seeing how loose he was made me want to break out the dinosaur logo.

DeRozan: another nice game but man when he gets exposed on defence, he may as well wear a trenchcoat. He should come with his own “Doh Doh Doh” sound effect to be played as guys blow by him.

Dorsey: Little Dwight with another solid game. Not that Tyson Chandler exactly threw offence Joey’s way (Chandler attempted 1 FG in 26minutes) but Joey did a nice job in keeping the bigs at bay.

Dupree: Per Diem.

Evans: send this man a Wii and get him back in shape.

Johnson: the Coles Notes version of this game. Playing hurt, he turned in 42 minutes of simply inspired play. Hard nosed off the ball, attacking on both ends of the floor, playing with smarts. You simply couldn’t have asked for a better game from a wounded soldier.

Kleiza: played very well until the mid third when he Keon Clark’d and pulled an idiotic move and got himself T’d up twice and ejected, bringing us down to 2 NBA players, a few scrubs and Alex English getting fitted for tearaways.

Stojakovic: you suck.

Weems: A few days away from mastering playing Yao as a PG in 2k11.

Wright: he took a heck of a charge late in the game that pretty much cemented the W for us. He has completely come out of nowhere this season and, once again I have to say, is almost demanding more time from Jay. Jay has given the wrong answer a few times, but time to change your tune.

Driving The Bus: Amir Johnson

Under The Bus: Linas Kleiza

Game Theme:

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  • cesco

    No one was under the bus to-night . Shame on you .

    • James C

      Amazing how often kleiza has that mass murderer look. First wondered about him when he as a Denver Nugget challenged Jay on the bench during a blowout game. Whenever he tries to put it on the floor, he makes a lot of us who played some ball believe that we can still make it. Tonight, he showed once a dumb ass, always a …

    • Kingcesco

      is there anybody who knows when bargnani is supposed to come back?
      ps are you italian?

  • Eternal Optimist


  • Daniel

    Amazing win. Our bigs were fantastic. Dallas paid for the mistake of believing they had won before the game was even played. Barbosa was huge in the 4th. Triano has to give minutes to Wright because he is a difference maker on the deffensive side. All in all, a hopeful victory for a better future.

  • tonious35

    Either two things…obviously the Raps played like they had nothing to lose against an “elite” level team, or a greater team taking a weaker team for granted, a lot for granted.

    Both teams were both missing a 7’0″ Euro that can hit jumpers (obviously Dirk is 5x better), but Dallas had enough experience and talent to beat us by a country mile. This win is like the win in Orlando, where you never thought this Raptor team can win and all you can do is laugh at the greater team that is losing to the Raptors, I love that feeling.

  • Ggarmstrong

    How do you miss Ed Davis?…instead of writting satirical crap about a team you clearly don’t care about why don’t you actually watch the game and i dont know…cheer?

    • tonious35

      I watched only the first half, and I credit our team for punishing a better team that stooped to play at our level and Ed Davis taking advantage on every Dallas player that fell asleep on him.

    • James C

      Why don’t you read the Roll Call yourself rather than crap all over the moderator.
      Davis played a good solid game. So far though he shows very little of an offensive game. If his free throw shooting is indicative of his offensive game then we really only have a 2nd unit player in the making.

      • cesco

        17 pts , 12 rebs , 3 steals , 3 blocks , 5/8 free throws . That look pretty promising , I think.

      • hateslosing

        You don’t necessarily need to have a jumper to do well at the power forward position. Ed’s shooting mechanics at the line may suck right now, but he can improve that, I mean look at Amir this season he’s become a great free throw shooter. Davis may never develop into a guy who is at all effective beyond 15 feet, but then I wouldn’t say guys like Amar’e Stoudemire or Carl Malone were ever threats from beyond that distance and they are/were phenomenal scorers. If he can figure out the pick and roll and work on increasing his size to make his post ups more effective he will be a great player.
        Plus the fact that he rebounds like a madman will make him a career starter.

      • Boomer

        you do realize that Ed Davis has played like.. 200 minutes in his entire career right? Let’s not go all Leafs Nation and whine about guys before they’re even given a chance to grow

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    In defense of Kleiza, officiating in the NBA is laughable.

  • cesco

    AltRaps said about Davis : ladies and gentlemen, your future , pretty clear I think .

  • RapthoseLeafs

    A real “in the trenches” kind of win.

    Not sure if I’d put anyone under the Bus. Kleiza’s 2 techs were boneheaded moves, but up until that point, he gave a pretty decent effort. He did have the highest +/- record amongst ALL the players. In fact, he was the only one in double digits (+14) …. not that I’m a big fan of this stat.
    Ed Davis is showing the talent he has – just has to do that against teams with Low Post threats (with size). If I didn’t know better – and it could be my imagination – but Davis seems to have bulked up. I think he could make the big step next year.
    When they showed the last win in Dallas – with Vince in all his glory – I had to marvel at the talent that he was. That 360 dunk was pure showmanship – and a testament to his abilities. I still believe he was the best, that Raps have ever seen. Might not be #1 for total points, but still #1 in my view of Rap history.

    • Adrian

      Just imagine if VC didn’t leave. I doubt well have a player like him for a while.

    • grrr

      i dont think anyone would disagree with you. Vince put the raps on the map…a place they have unsuccessfully been trying to get back to since he left

  • Adrian

    WRIGHT 4 MVP!!!
    Throwing assists out like Steve Nash. I counted 5 just like Leo.

    • KJ-B

      +1… Me too–those stats peeps on the opposing team arenas man, wOw–Davis had 5 blks… Him in particular, I’ve seen get robbed of blocks b4–I own him on my fantasy team so I’ve been waiting for a night like this ( I started him in his 1st game and thought, wOw this guy is B-A-N-A-N-A-S then he lost his lift, never really had it back until TONIGHT!!!)

      • Nilanka15

        You’ve got Davis on your fantasy team??? Yikes. Please tell me your pool’s got 20+ participants…

  • 511

    Amazing effort tonight. Loved what Bayless brought. Amir has real heart and then some. Ed Davis is just special. Kleiza’s been good lately, tonight real good; second T shouldn’t have been called. Joey plays with energy and a healthy edge. Julian has a cool head out there. Barbosa misses plenty but hits when it really counts. In a lot of ways, the game of the year so far. Way to go, Raps.

  • Dan

    guys, that was one of the best Raptors wins i’ve ever seen… we were literally playing with a lineup of nobodies and beat a team that had won 17 of 18 (i don’t give a shit whether dirk was hurt or not)… to be anything less than amazed/jubilant after watching that is insane, at least in my opinion.

    yeah, just one game, but that was a TON of heart displayed, regardless of how each individual played

    also, anybody crapping on jay triano should start to rethink their view… clearly this team is playing hard for him

    anybody who thought the raps were pulling this out when the 25-15 lead vanished in a flash is lying… great win.

    • Dan

      Last thing – Julian Wright would be a great shutdown wing player on a contender… wonder if teams start to inquire about him (he needs to play alongside a 2 guard that can really shoot the rock)… plenty of good teams are lacking a defender like him, he just can’t be asked to create offense on a consistent basis

  • FAQ

    Now if Triano could just bottle it and use it for the rest of the season ….!!!!

    • KJ-B

      I was questioning if this young team could keep winning B-I-G games for their coach, as it seems every time his job is on the line they come up with a BIGGER/BADDER WIN to define the season… There was the thrilla in ORL when they’d only a couple games and it looked like Jay was toast if they came back at 1-11… they came back at 3-9…

      Then there was Detroit, where it looked like they’d go to 10 games below .500, and Julian Wright saved the day… then last night, I was ‘sure’ Triano was squarely about to get the axe after going 0-for on the roadie with Boston waiting for another dose of revenge and they go handle the Mavs like THAT… This team has as much guts as their coach–he like them, may not be the most skilled/refined guy just yet but has got tons of heart– I think games like this, will make this Maple Leaf Hockey Capital stand up and take notice of what it means for a team to roll as 1…

  • draftedraptor

    brilliant stuff from the youngsters. Time to make some smart deals and get the top draft pick. and then we hope a top free agent signs for us rather than the big boys. we need to keep bargs, amir, davis, derozan and bayless but the rest are for sale. esp Kleiza. (who was definitely under the bus btw. professional? biff)

    • Dan

      It was very, very dumb of him… but don’t forget how well Kleiza was playing to that point… running the floor, making shots… to that point he was the best offensive player out there for the Raps

    • KJ-B

      BARGS should only be kept because he’s a Base Year Compensation player so you’d have to package him with other players to get something decent in return BUT there is some talent out there: JAVALE MCGEE is being shopped by the Washington Generals–I mean, Wizards/Bullets… McGee looks like a Velociraptor!!!

      • Nilanka15

        Is this true? McGee is on a 3-year deal worth only $7.6 million. He’s only 22 and has a ton of upside. What possible reason would the Generals have to shop him?

    • KidGoo

      I agree that he should have cooled off sooner, but the second technical was bs. He was talking to the bench when he was T’d up. Was hitting his jumpers well before that point. He should not be under the bus. This is a rare night when no-one deserves to be under the bus.

  • raptordan

    Very enjoyable game. Nice effort. I am really worried about our PGs. Hopefully Bayless is OK, but we might be without both next game. Who the hell will back-up the back-up’s back-up? Barbosa can’t play pg for 48

    Once again a nice roll call. Well done.

    • JamesJ

      Bayless talked to the media and said he’d be most likely playing on Friday against the Rockets.

      • Toshmon

        demar will most likely be 3rd string pg.

  • Sek99

    Kleiza won the game for us in the third with the ejection. If he stayed, the game would have ended differently. He played a pretty good game, but from what I’ve seen of him in the 4th quarter, we would have lost for sure. Not to mention Wrights defense was the difference maker and we threw the ball inside a lot more without Kleiza on the floor. We need to play like that all the time. Gotta get our shots on the inside with our bigs like we did tonight. Example of team ball, ball movement and good defense can tromp good offensive players with little defense. They played with heart and got the W. Beauty.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Reading some of the media’s write-ups on this game, they continue to define Toronto’s “bad” injury situation, as being a cause for their current situation. Which is okay when you factor in Jose, Andrea, and Weems. But in that list of walking wounded, they include Peja & Reggie.
    Peja has played a total of 22 minutes for the Toronto Raptors. And Reggie has been out more games, than he’s been in. While I miss his energy, enthusiasm & leadership, the Raptors have been doing not bad on the Boards. Offensive rebounds are down, but FG% is up – almost 50 points (better shooting – less rebounds).

    Rebounding could always improve, but its’ Turnovers that are the issue right now – 68 in the past 3 games.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      All that said, this was a fantastic game. I started off “disinterested” – mostly watching to see what guys like Davis & DeRozan would do (while expecting Amir to be a non-factor … due to injuries). Surprise, surprise (as Gomer Pyle would say) – this team played one hell of a game. And I was on the edge of my seat (uh… couch).

  • JamesJ

    Bayless having no drive? What game were you watching? Even after rolling his ankle for the first time, he still wanted to continue playing since the Raps were undermanned as it was opting to dish it more than shoot himself cause of the ankle. Then he left because he rolled his ankle again. How did he not have drive? Did you just write that in the article to get a cheap laugh? B/c it seems like that’s what all the Roll Calls are about.

    • Nilanka15

      AltRaps was literally referring to his inability to “drive” into the lane…something Calderon suffers from quite often. He wasn’t talking about his “internal desire” to play….geeeez.

  • kaine

    great great win
    I like this grit. they are no ru-paul

  • Christopher Bosh

    Altraps, you just lost credibility my friend by putting Kleiza under the bus.

  • Rexdale

    best roll call of the season!

  • Robertjclement

    Leo Rautins was struggling to recall a greater effort ever by a Raptor club and he seemed to conclude that none greater came to mind.

    Amir Johnson was incredible. He went deep into whatever wells of persistence and determination the human spirit harbours. After his post-game with Leo he could barely drag his bones to the dressing room. Can he do it one more time in Houston on Friday? I don’t know.

    Ed Davis gave us a glimpse into the potential this young man brings to the table. Juian Wright was brilliant. Before he went down Bayless was showing he may indeed be the kind of distributor and leader you need at PG.

    Kleiza was a bonehead for getting himself ejected with his team in such dire straits but he was a key factor up to that point.

    There was much to admire in this unlikely victory. Not the least of these as pointed out by P J was the Raptors willingness to put it all on the line for Coach Jay Triano!

    That says something for the coach as a bona fide NBA headman moving forward.

    It may be a game that goes forgotten as the Raptors continue a brutal stretch of games with a roster held together by string and chewing gum but for now revel in the victory it was one to savour for sure!

    • Rexdale

      Jay Triano seems to be getting through to them

  • Christopher Bosh

    Bayless got anklebreaked by a Caucasian. Lol

    • raps4ever

      umm…were you watching the game? he didn’t get crossed. we was defending and he rolled his ankle. do you even know what a crossover is and how it looks like? and you call yourself a basketball fan. wow.. smdh!

  • cesco

    The young gunz became adults last night .

    • KJ-B

      +1… fO’ Real ma dude–DeRozan’s shot @ 9:55 of the 3rd Q was a thing of beauty when he curled off a quick hitter from the sideline to the left wing, elevated put some arc on his shot then bottom the net!!! He’d hit a catch on shoot on the possession earlier, but that shot I mentioned sent Dallas scrambling to a timeout–the game was essentially out of reach after that moment…

      Who needs Andrea and Sonnny ‘No Money’ Weems–Trade ’em: this is what it means to be a Velociraptor, quick agile, insatiable on D–this is the raptors…does any1 remember Oak/ADavis on the frontline, that’s what EDavis/Amir/Dorsey reminded me of last night!!!!!

      • Rexdale

        i serouisly dont trust derozan’s shot. it looks like hes literally chucking it above his head at the rim.

  • knickz

    another reason why this is my fav raptors team in history…i keep telling you guys this team is the future…you guys need to stop throwing them under the bus after every loss