So, who do you guys think has the bigger and brighter future? DeMar or Ed? Both are young, raw and no doubt alot of potential. That being said who do you think will go on to have a long and illustrious career in the NBA?

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3 Responses to “DeRozan or Davis? Who Has Greater Potential?”

  1. raptorsfan01

    i agree with that, BOTH GREAT PLAYERS. but derozan has more experience and i think its shown more in the recent games. as for who will hav a “long and illustrious career,” both players have a way to go when developing their offensive & defensive skills and each hav different strengths. Its probably too early to b able to see their full potentials plan out. however I LUV THEM BOTH

  2. Travis Mccarthy

    Edge to DeRozan. Think of a top ten 2 guard and the attributes required. Great defender able to guard 2-3 positions on the floor, efficient midrange and 3 pt game. Can get to the hoop, draw fouls, cash in from the line. DeRozan may achieve 2-3 of these attributes and probably max out as a number 3 option in my opinion. Looking at Davis, I don’t trust his ability to stay healthy given his frame and position. If I were to build the perfect builidng block for this Raptor team, give me Ed Davis in Amir Johnsons body. Raptors need to have a couple poor seasons and get lucky in the draft before they can acquire a true cornerstone. It will be interesting to see how Myk Kabongo does at UT and whether he becomes a legitmate NBA prospect able to turn a franchise around (Rose, Wall, Durant…) I doubt it but I only focus on him because I imagine he will be less likely to pull a Carter/McGrady/Bosh and embrace playing in TO.


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